Boraie Development, Real Estate Company

Boraie is a real estate company that offers its customers an array of services and its primary focus is on the urban real estate market. This organization majorly deals with property management, sales and marketing, and real estate development. Boraie developers and the Aspire have a team of dedicated professionals that can help you build a spectacular property while offering unparalleled services to their clients. At Boraie development, the forte has always been combining efforts with the leading and popular financial institutions, contractors and architects with the vision to ensure timeliness, completion, and success of all projects.


Amenities at Aspire Luxury Apartments


Aspire is a new luxury rental tower that is located at the center of New Brunswick. It is located at Somerset Street, New Brunswick. With the City’s population growth, most renters are looking for modern designs with upscale luxury. It is located a few steps from the New Brunswick train station and the Manhattan’s Penn Station. The neighborhood includes nightlife, sports and entertainment and fantastic dining options.


Aspire is also located near various hospitals such as the Saint Peter’s University Hospital and the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The Aspire includes one to two bedroom designer apartments that are in a modern and full-service property. Residents will have to enjoy modern amenities which include private parking, two private roof decks, a Resident’s Lounge, a 24/7 Doorman Lobby, and the start of the art fitness center. At the Aspire Luxury apartments, you will also enjoy social amenities such as indoor bike storage, on-site management, residents’ portal, a resident club with a library, dining area and a kitchen.  For more details you can visit


Shaquille O’Neal’s Partnership with Boraie


Shaquille O’Neal is a legend and active Hall Of Fame member. He became one of the biggest basketball players, and his success led him to a wealth-changing life. Shaquille has always had a helping heart, and he has a huge desire of helping his community. He is the man behind the design and construction of the first tallest residential building in Newark. To accomplish his life missions, he decided to partner up with the renowned real estate construction and development firm commonly known as Boraie.


The two have the full support of the city as well as Goldman Sachs. Under the terms and conditions of the partnership which was approved by the city council, the Newark screens building will be owned by Boraie Development. In the development of most revolutionary building and construction projects, Boraie Development, LLC decided to collaborate with Shaquille and other strong financial institutions. You can visit for more info.




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Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Properties CEO Receives Warm Welcome In Florida

Shortly after the U.S 2016 Presidential Election, President-elect Donald Trump invited 800 VVIPs to a private dinner party to celebrate his recent landslide win in the historic presidential election. Among the invitees were Hussain Sajwani, a real estate investor with DAMAC Properties in Dubai.

This was not the first time this DAMAC Properties CEO was visiting Florida. When he was given a chance to salute his fellow VVIPs, Hussain Sajwani, who was accompanied by his wife and children, said that his family had more than once visited the Trump family in Florida. “We are honored to be here tonight. Trump and I have been friends for a long time. My family has been to Florida several times in the past and Trump and his wife have traveled to our home in Dubai many times. My wife and Ivanka are close friends. They talk to each other every day, sending emails to each other and sharing their happy lives together. We are proud to be associated with this family,” the DAMAC properties founder said.

On his part, when introducing his friend to the rest that evening, Trump called the Sajwanis the ‘most beautiful family’ from Dubai. This showed how close these two gentlemen and their families are. The friendship between them has been shown on different levels with some critics saying that Hussain Sajwani has ulterior motives. However, nothing proves that critics are right. In Dubai, Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties has built a magnificent building, which he gave the name Trump International Course Dubai.

Humble Beginnings

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC Properties in 1976. Back then, there wasn’t much problem in getting land to build apartments. However, as time passed, the need for decent commercial and residential unities arose. DAMAC Properties seized the opportunity to expand. Today, the company has been able to build over 22,700 units across the UAE. This has led to Mr. Sajwani brushing shoulders with prominent personalities.

Recently, Hussain responded to the United Arab Emirates’ His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s call to feed and clothe over 1 million poor children across the UAE. Hussain donated 2 million AED to support the Ramadan kitty that was started by His Highness. The money that Hussain gave would buy clothes to 50,000 needy children who according to the DAMAC CEO, were walking naked each day while the rich reside in castles. He said, “I feel pity when I see children on the streets walking naked. We can do something for them.”

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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, Founder Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Centre.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden, a renowned American plastic surgeon, was born in 1971 in Austin Texas. After finishing her high school studies at Anderson High School, she proceeded to the University of Texas where she obtained a bachelors in Biology.

She then joined the Medical Branch of the same university for her degree in medicine, before doing her residency at the same institution. She was lucky enough to get a fellowship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (MEETH), New York.

During her fellowship, she doubles up as an attending plastic surgeon at MEETH as well as Lenox Hill Hospital. She also participated in clinical trials at the New York University Langone Medical Centre that led to silicone breast implants to be brought back into practice. She stayed in New York for about seven and a half years before moving back home where she gave birth to her twin sons in 2011.

In December of the same year, she opened doors to her clinic in Westlake Hills followed by another branch in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014.

In 2016, she was awarded the highly coveted membership into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, which is a society for plastic surgeons who have made great strides in the field. She is acknowledged as one of Texas Super Doctors, a title she has held since 2014.

Currently, she owns a cosmetic surgery practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre at Westlake Medical Centre, and two medical spas;- one in Austin the other in New York City. She is famous for being among the first doctors to use laser machines to perform labiaplasties and vaginoplasties.

Her clinic at Westlake houses The Vaginal Rejuvenation Centre of Austin, which offers a range of reproductive health services for both men and women.

According to her social media account, it is obvious her days of improving people’s looks are not yet over. She has recently come up with a gingivectomy surgery for those with a gummy smile and the lip filler. She was one of the authors of the book, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has also written several publications.

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Alex Hern And Staying On Top Of Things

Entrepreneurship is beyond familiar to a man named Alex Hern. He’s been a hard-working entrepreneur for a quarter of a century plus at this point. He’s put a lot of care into companies that were in their beginning phases. He’s put a lot of effort into firms that were part of the technology field as well. Tsunami is a company that is now extremely close to Hern’s heart. He’s its Co-Founder.

Hern doesn’t have many spare hours in his schedule. He devotes hours and hours a day to zeroing in on Tsunami and all of the things he can do to push it to the forefront. His main priority is to help Tsunami accomplish all of its objectives. He’s not at all a proponent of the concept of taking care of numerous responsibilities simultaneously. Hern believes that doing so actually only interferes with getting things done.

The evening hours are a period of action for Hern. The world typically is sound asleep while Hern is doing more than other people can imagine. He appreciates the fact that the night is predominantly devoid of disruptions that can slow him down. He thinks in great detail about technological matters aid his company. He attempts to envision different components that can take things to higher levels as well.

Hern pays attention to various crazes that energize him. He’s fascinated by the concept of learning via machines. He’s fascinated by AI or Artificial Intelligence, too. Hern is a professional who knows how to keep his eyes on the prize. He recognizes that it’s tough for many other people to do so. Hern strives to think vividly about all of his choices. He’s not someone who likes to ever do things in impulsive or rapid manners. Ample care is always a priority for him.

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How Freedom Checks Can Help You Plan For Retirement

Retirement planning is something people should take seriously. Many people take part of their paycheck and place it away for retirement. Social security is also another way people support themselves once they retire. These are the most common ways people prepare for survival after their career is over. But there are many others ways people can prepare themselves financially for retirement. Freedom Checks is one way people can build wealth and prepare themselves for a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

When an investor purchases stock in a master limited partnerships, the investor will receive their earnings in the form of a Freedom Check. Master limited partnerships are not wildly known about. But they make for perfect investments for any investor. It easy to get started with investing in one of these companies. But first, an investor should do an in depth research of a master limited partnerships. There are some made up companies and scams on the internet that promise to give out Freedom Checks to investors.

Master limited partnerships have been in existence since 1981. Companies that operate as a master limited partnerships are publicly traded companies. An investor can be taxed many different ways depending on the share class the investor falls into. Most companies that operate as a master limited partnership are in the natural resource or energy sector. Bigtime investment companies and small town Americans own shares in master limited partnerships.

For as little as ten dollars, an investor can purchase stock in one of the master limited partnerships. Overtime buying more stock in a master limited partnership will become a profitable stream of income for investors. Many investors who earn from a master limited partnership are allowed to exempt this income from income tax. The government purposely set up master limited partnerships this way to get the attention of Americans. With these kind of tax benefits, more and more investors have become interested in master limited partnerships and Freedom Checks. With a flood of money being invested in these companies, the American energy sector is soaring and billions of dollars are being issued out in Freedom Checks.

Mental Fortitude: Jeremy Goldstein

As the Fountain House Hosted their annual Fall Fete Event the attending crowd grew excited. This event brings a vast array of professionals and those interested in learning more about mental illness. The aim is to arm the attendees with knowledge and wisdom to properly deal with mental health issues.


Every year the audience is filled with everyone from entry-level professionals to seasoned veterans in the mental health community. The bottom line is to gain an understanding of how to successfully work with those suffering. Currently there are 23 million Americans that suffer from mental illness that comes in many forms.


The last event was sponsored by Janseen Pharmaceuticals, Inc and co-sponsored by Lilly USA, LLC. Those overseeing the event included Bydie Bell, Jeremy Goldstein, Sarah Simmons Goldstein and many others.


The operating model implemented by the Fountain House has been reproduced and utilized in over 30 worldwide countries. Currently, it is being used in over 400 locations within those countries and caters to over 54,000 people. A large player in this implementation is Jeremy Goldstein.


Who is Jeremy Goldstein?

Mr. Goldstein attended New York University where he earned his J.D. He then went on to acquire a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.A. from the University of Chicago. His knowledge and work ethic has led to him becoming a highly sought-after attorney in regards to corporate affairs.


Jeremy Goldstein is current the sitting Charmian of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section (ABABS). He is also one of the members of the Professional Advisory Board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business. He contributes to the compensation, corporate governance and regulatory sector (Chambers USA Guide, The Legal 500, etc…) by speaking at events as well as writing articles on the subject.


Some of his most memorable accomplishments include taking part in:

*Bank of America and FleetBoston Financial Corp.

*NYSE Group Inc. And Euronext

*Goodrich and United Technologies



A man on the move that is not just working in the legal profession, but helping to make the world better. Mr. Goldstein once said, “There is no substitute for caring.” One thing is for sure keep your eye on Jeremy Goldstein because he is far from done.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter.

Soft Bank Moving Into A New Direction With Their Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group

The surprising acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Soft Bank was closed with $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm which focuses on alternative assets. The company was found in 1998 and throughout its existence managed approximately $70 billion in assets, and currently manages assets on behalf of 1,750 investors. Soft Bank usually focuses on investing in tech startups, holding stakes in over 400 internet companies, which is why their acquisition of FIG comes as a surprise to many.

What the acquisition shows is Soft Bank’s intent to become one of the world’s largest investment firm, branching out from the tech industry. The Japanese company purchasing Fortress Investment Group points to a strategic plan to move into a new direction and continue to grow and thrive.

Despite the large amount of money paid in order to acquire the New York-based investment firm, operations are expected to continue without much change, as Soft Bank has a hands-off approach, due to regulatory hurdles. This will allow Fortress Investment Group to continue to operate independently. Regulatory hurdles come as a result of the Committee on Foreign Investment overseeing the deal, with Soft Bank having to promise to have little to no say in how Fortress will continue to manage their assets. Another hurdle that Soft Bank had to overcome in order to finalize the deal was paying 39% premium to the share price, and closing other on-going transactions that were in the works at the time.

One thing will change however, the company will now become once again private. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became a publicly traded company (the first U.S. private equity firm to go public). As a result of the acquisition, FIG becomes the first private equity firm to get delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Fortress, Wes Edens, noted that they are excited about being private once again and that they won’t miss the regular earning calls they had to make in the past.

Despite the fact that the deal might seem strange to some, especially since Soft Bank agreed to let Fortress operate independently, in reality as a result of the acquisition, SoftBank can assemble a more institutionalized and conductive structure. Fortress is expected to benefit from the agreement as well, due to them gaining access to a large number of limited partners in Asia, which will enable them to move into new directions as well.

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Turning Waste Energy Into Gold Mine With Talos Energy

Talos energy was an original idea of Timothy Duncan back in 2012; the other three founders are; John Parker, Stephen Heitzman, and John Harrison. Talos energy is located in Texas in the United States. The company’s primary objective is to recover the energy that other companies and investment have discarded as “a waste of time.” They deal with energy, oil and gas Products. The Company invests in Gulf of Mexico and South Louisiana mainly because their technical teams are very familiar with the geological features of this area.

Talos energy operates by investing in properties that have lost value or have gone through a non-recoverable state. Duncan sees opportunity in this. Their technical panel goes through the assets to analyze the risks and possible returns. A good example is the Talos acquiring Phoenix after it had gone through a major drawback; it later used innovative technology to keep it going and finally sold at a very profitable return.

Let us explore an excellent example of the most recent high-risk projects that Duncan turned into an opportunity, the stone Energy. Stone Energy Company  had gone through a massive drawback to the extent that it was declared bankrupt. Naturally, this is a situation that most companies will shun from but to Duncan, it is another gold mine. Talos Energy under the leadership of Timothy Duncan made a merger earlier this year, May to be precise. The reason as to why it is seen as a very dangerous investment is that, besides the fact that Talos has invested several billions and asserts in this, the machines that are efficient in digging are costly. That’s not all; in the first place, we can’t overlook the fact that nature might have its way negatively in this part.

This is how Talos energy has earned its place in the business world, by seeing opportunities’ where to other companies it is a dead end. While other companies run after well-laid fields where modern inventions will restore the old school reservoirs, Talos energy invests a lot in abandon wells and in the long run, large profit margins are made.

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Jose Neto Is a Role Model to Aspiring Real Estate Entrepreneurs

If you desire to be an outstanding business professional, you should find a great role model to emulate. The more you study amazing leaders, the better your performance becomes. Nevertheless, most entrepreneurs do not have a role model to follow. For that reason, they are unable to register excellent performance by inspiring themselves. If you are in the real estate business, then Jose Neto is a perfect role model for you. Here is why.

Background Check

Jose Auriemo Neto is the head of JHSF. This is a company that deals with real estate and is focused on the growth as well as the development of commercial properties in Brazil. Aside from that, Neto oversees the interests of the brand including in office buildings, hotels as well as public developments where he administers all activities irrespective of the complexities.

Leadership Roles

While serving in his capacity, he has also managed various partnerships concerning growing the company’s portfolio. Jose Auriemo Neto has always been keen on developing the firm’s portfolio by involving like-minded individuals in his projects. As such, he chaired the development of Cidade Jardim, a shopping center in Sao Paulo. He also oversaw the establishment of Ponta Negra, another shopping mall in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. Other developments he chaired include Manaus and Metro shopping centers.

Growth and Development

One of the most memorable projects Jose Neto is remembered for chairing is the partnership between Hermes Pucci as well as Jimmy Choo. The duo opened a broad range of luxury brands in their retail outlet. Also, in 2012, they secured a significant partnership with a brand called Valentino when it was opening its branches in Brazil.


For education, Neto attended Fundacao Armando University in Brazil. His career took off in 1993 when he started working as the head of a parking lot in JHSF. He won many people’s hearts by creating a parking lot management firm called Parkbem. Because of this success story, he was in a position to secure the developmental rights of various projects including the Santa Cruz mall. Neto is an experienced team leader who can be emulated by upcoming business professionals.

Jim Toner Shares The Secretes Behind His Success

Jim Toner is an experienced entrepreneur come a real estate investor. Jim has been working towards helping people establish a bright feature financially. The situation where by people lost millions of money in the real estate, and their retirement accounts making them lose hope for the future prompted him to do so. However, Jim blames the people for making wrong decisions around the market, resulting to the loss of a lot of wealth.

Jim toner’s success has been a journey with tough experiences and frequent unfortunate events. Having gone through tough experiences and finally making it, Jim Toner has stood out to share his secretes. He said that a person’s attitude is very significant, as it plays a great role when it comes to investing in real estates. He said that your attitude in the real estate market is defined by how you view the economy.

Jim Toner said that ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people in business also matters, as it can help you grow significantly in your business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the entire world have a story of having collaborated with different people with different knowledge and experience in their respective fields. A good example of such entrepreneurs includes Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

According to Jim, increasing in value as a person goes hand in hand with increase in you income. However, for you to become a valuable person in life, then you have to work hard. Jim Toner attributes his success to working hard which he says he realized early enough. He also said that when he realized he wanted to become more valuable by working hard, he began by working on himself through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual exercises. He said that for you to make tremendous changes in your life financially, good physical condition is mandatory.

Jim Toner firmly believes that for you to become rich, it is a must that you behave like the rich. He said a person with the desire to become rich must carry out his operations from the same place with the rich, as this result to the creation of a rich way of life.

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