Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards’ Critical Role

Since Telereal’s inception in 2001, Graham Edwards has steered the company as its CEO and helped steer significant progress in the property market (Relationshipscience). Based in the United Kingdom, Telereal Trillium is one of the largest property companies with a portfolio worth £6 billion. So what key role has Graham played in making Telereal a major success in the property market?

To carefully answer this question, then we must understand the deal that led to the formation of Telereal Trillium. In 2001, British Telecomholdings entered a 30 year partnership deal with Telereal Trillium that saw the acquisition of 6,700 properties. The flexibility instituted in the formation of deal that allowed vacation of British

Telecomholdings properties over time facilitated smoother adoption of changing operational policies. This then led to great value increase in Telereal Trillium market share in the UK property market, thanks to Graham’s ability to make suitable investment choices. Graham carried out this choice along with the Strategic Asset Management Team at Telereal.

Graham Edward’s role in spearheading Telereal Trillium over the years by successfully brokering major investment deals has seen to a more successful company. Another case where Edward’s leadership was greatly displayed is in January 2009 when he got into an agreement with Land Securities Group.

This deal saw to the acquisition of Trillium by Telereal and became Telereal Trillium as we know it today. It is through this successful deal that Telereal Trillium became a market leader in property investment. It also helped in the increased annual revenues of over £1 billion.

Graham’s involvement in Telereal Trillium has seen the achievement of great milestones in the property market and will continue in the foreseeable future. Through the leadership of Graham Edward Telereal, Telereal Trillium has also experienced major positive changes in its culture that emphasizes talent development in all of its staff.


Adam Milstein Uses Charity to Foster and Strengthen Israeli-American Ties


The name Adam Milstein is often linked to real estate ventures and investors. Also known as a major managing partner of the Hager Pacific Properties, Mr. Milstein was born in Israel. He also spent better time of his childhood in Israel’s Motzkin. As a child, Milstein was more interested in pursuing business. But he also had a special passion for community projects. Well, in 1973, Milstein was a major contributor of the Yom Kippur War as he served in the Israeli Defense Force.

Early Life

When he left the force, Milstein pursued education at Technion. He majored in science and later on economics and business. Like life would throw it to everyone at some point, Adam Milstein fell in love with a lady called Gila Elgrably. They got married and became parents to two amazing daughters. Parenting has never been that easy for Milstein as from a tender age, he exuded leadership skills. So having two daughters was an additional responsibility to the many he already had.


Immediately he had his family, Milstein thought that it was shrewd for him to move to a different country that could offer him tremendous opportunities. Therefore, he moved his family to America and joined school yet again. This time round, Milstein pursued business administration from the Southern Carolina University. Immediately after graduation, he ventured into commercial real estate business.


Regarding his career, Adam Milstein has always been a huge contributor to the real estate businesses. Currently serving at Hagar Pacific Properties, he ensures that the company provides high-quality real estate property to its clients. Additionally, it is essential to note that this company manages more than 200 properties in America. At the same time, Hager Properties is good at handling the rehabilitation of offices, repositioning and retail and lastly, acquisition of properties.

Charity Ventures

Adam Milstein loves his roots and has been a very instrumental philanthropist who ensures that the American-Israelis understand their roots. That is why he is the head cheerleader of one Israeli American Council. This organization has been huge at making sure that Israelis remember their roots by maintaining regular meetings between their leaders and themselves. Another role that Milstein plays in this organization is making sure that Jews connect with their roots. As the largest serving organization, Milstein ensures that it builds a united and engaged Israeli-American society.

Tony Petrello Finds Ways To Help Others Out Who Are Less Fortunate

When you are given lemons, make lemonade. This is a lesson that Tony Petrello knows all too well. Being raised by a mother and father who had to work paycheck to paycheck and struggled week to week, Tony wanted more for his family. Being one of the highest paid CEO’s of Nabors Industries has helped him to do just that, and then some.

Tony Petrello and his wife are passionate about helping others and use their time to do just that. One cause that Tony and his wife are passionate about helping is the Texas Children’s Hospital. By offering donations to the hospital, they are helping to fund research for finding cures or at least alternatives for children who have medical complications.

Aside from helping children’s hospitals, there are other causes that the Petrello family loves to help. For CEO Tony Petrello, he loves to help out the employees of Nabors Industries. During the recent hurricane season, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston quite hard. The city was taken back by flood waters and heavy storm damage. For the employees of Nabors Industries, they had to face losing their homes and risk losing their jobs because of what happened to their homes and families. Nabors Industries made it easier on them by removing the worry from their plates about losing their jobs. They were granted paid time off which opened up the ability to focus their efforts on repairing their homes and establishing ground for their families.

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When the Petrello family has their own down time, they share a passion for plays, music and Broadway. During a visit back to Houston, Tommy Tune was greeted by Tony Petrello and they hosted a gathering for Tommy Tune at their home. The gathering was comprised of 50 personal friends of the Petrello family and members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre board.

Tommy Tune had returned home to Houston after being gone for a number of years. He graduated from Lamar High School and then took dancing lessons from Patsy Swayze. You would be familiar with that name from the well known actor, Patrick Swayze. It was his mother who gave dance lessons to Tommy Tune before he departed to head off to Broadway in NYC. If he had not taken dance lessons from Patsy, he might not have been as accomplished on Broadway.

As it would seem, Tony Petrello and his family clearly share a love for helping others out who are less fortunate than they are.



Daniel Taub, the director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv foundation and a former Israeli Ambassador, demonstrated to be the most booming and admired Israeli envy since Shlomo Argov during his four-year tenure in office.

During his service as an Ambassador to the Court of St. James, he was able to bring different countries and communities together as he represented the Israeli government.

The diplomat born in 1962 in London in the United Kingdom became an ambassador in 2011, but this was after his move to Israel from the U.K. in the year 1989. He went on to oblige as a combat medic in the Israel Defence Forces and proceeded to hold several diplomatic posts when he was working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

He even wrote speeches for President Chaim Herzog. It is this great work ethic and experience that made it easier for him to thrive in making people understand the position of the Israeli people and the government on different issues.

Former Ambassador Daniel Taub emphasizes the issues of trade and technology during his career. His success was evident when it was stated that the trade relations between the United Kingdom and Israel had doubled before he resigned in 2015 after his term in office came to an end. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Sajid Javid, the British secretary involved with state business, innovation and skills, termed the period as a ‘golden era’ after the report on the trade increase. Other than trade, he did not shy away from dealing with international law and airing particular problems in the Israeli diplomacy.

His courage and passion for breaking the stereotypes associated with the Israeli society shone brightly when he visited Bradford defying the constituency’s representative remark that the city was an ‘Israel-free zone’. He did not let George Galloway, a man with quite a lengthy history of anti-Israeli bigotry; stop him from honouring an invitation from a group of people in Bradford.

Daniel Taub advocated for the Middle East to be treated with modesty and not dictatorship since he was in office during the crisis in the region. Also, urge Israel to view things from a different context and not theirs especially during the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Daniel Taub is not a man just focused on politics and government, but one that carries his Orthodox Jewish religion in the heart with such honour but this in no way affected him presenting all communities.

OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe As Part Of New Development Program

 OSI Group has time and again demonstrated that they are the company that sets the standards for the meat producing industry. The company started out as a small butcher shop in 1909 and now has grown to be one of the biggest meat producing and manufacturing companies in the entire world. The company offers a range of products and is continually trying to find ways in which they can develop and improve all that they have to offer.

One of the recent developments that the company underwent was with regards to the acquisition of Flagship Europe. The company is a division of Flagship Inc and is a company that offers a range of sauces and dressings in countries across the world. Flagship Europe, in particular, had undergone a number of developments when it decided to expand its services to the ‘to-go’ foods category.

The reason OSI Group decided to take over Flagship Europe was that they wanted to expand and enter into a new sector that they had previously not tapped into. The industry of meat production was already claimed by OSI, but the sauces and dressings market was still not something that OSI had begun selling in. The leaders at OSI thought that this would be a good step for the company to take, which would improve their reach and also be able to situate themselves in newer markets.

For Flagship Europe, the acquisition was something that they had been waiting for an incredibly long time. The company was looking for ways in which it could improve its functionality, and being acquired by a company as large as OSI was just another step towards that goal. This route will ensure that the Flagship Europe gets their constant supply of raw materials and foods through a trusted source without having to seek the help of multiple other companies and manufacturers for their goods that they offer. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

The acquisition was just one of the components of the development that OSI Group has seen during the past year. The company has been making a number of changes to its workings and has acquired a number of companies to improve their reach and the markets that they serve. The company has also been implementing several new implementations to improve the sustainability of the plants that carry out the manufacturing, and to make the processes a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly. OSI Group Expands Operations

Glen Wakeman on Business, Mentoring and Succeeding in Life

Operating small businesses takes time and effort. Once entrepreneurs begin to build a staff to run the business, they need to invest enormous resources to attract customers. This can be a bit challenging as organizing the operating platforms comes with tremendous needs. Technology is here to save the situations. In addition to technology are great, competent role models with Glen Wakeman topping the list. Glen Wakeman owns LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This company is aimed at planning small businesses for entrepreneurs.


LaunchPad Holdings

At LaunchPad Holdings, the team works to reduce risk and failure in business. This occurs when the management structures specific ideas that are good enough to inject profits into the business (


Education and Work Experience

Prior to launching LaunchPad Holdings, Mr. Glen Wakeman held numerous, senior positions in different organizations. He worked at Nova Flour and GE Capital. In both organizations, he was an executive leader. His input was upheld as he had a great impact on decision making. Glen went to two universities namely The Scranton University and the Chicago University. Glen majored in economics. Later, he pursued finance. The two courses sharpened his skills in emerging markets, business strategy, business administration, financial management and business development.


Mentoring Programs

Mr. Glen is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who believes in mentorship programs. He is a mentor and has worked in different startup companies. Glen uses his wealth of skills and knowledge to assist clients navigates the challenging field of business management. Glen achieves this by incorporating five performance areas:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Risk evaluation
  • Human capital



Mr. Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur. He shares his secret ideas to success. He recommends The Art of War, a book authored by Sun Tzu for success. The book highlights the value of preparation, strategy, and discipline in addition to teamwork. He also recommends motivational talks by expert entrepreneurs.



To Glen, an entrepreneur’s networks determine whether one will succeed or not. Having lived in over six countries and worked in more than ten companies, Glen believes in paying attention to existing relations. He maintains a robust and friendly bond with acquaintances.


Bob Reina: He’s A True American Hero

A lot of people skirt away from responsibility, as they would rather be in the background and they don’t want a lot of pressure on themselves. They would rather just do something in the behind the scenes. With Bob Reina, he embraces every single thing that comes with being the boss of Talk Fusion, an award-winning video technology company. He has talked very openly about his spirit being right and that is something of great importance to him. He wants to put out good things in the world and his intentions are pure. Sure, it is great to make money doing this, but if they were not doing it in a way that truly mattered, Bob Reina would not be happy.


Bob Reina wants to make a difference and he wants that responsibility. He wants to take it all on with the help of his team of course. Bob Reina is a former police officer, and he has always enjoyed serving others. This is not Bob Reina being arrogant or patting himself on the back. It is just that Bob Reina is confident and in order to be a police officer or in charge of a company like Talk Fusion, you have to have that confidence. If you don’t have that confidence, people are not going to listen to you and they are going to be able to see right through you.


Bob Reina has two things that cannot be bought or sold, and they are confidence and charisma. He gives a lot of speeches to inspire people, and when he does, people get goose bumps. They feel like they want to run through a wall for this guy and do their very best. As far as charisma, he has a tremendous sense of humor while also knowing how to get results. It is and always will be a job, but that does not mean that people can’t have a little fun along the way, which is something Bob Reina has always known as a CEO.


It can’t all be about the work. There needs to be some fun and some humor thrown into the mix as well. Learn more:

OSI Group: A Leader in Food Processing

OSI Group is a major contributor to the food processing market, delivering unmatched quality and reliability. OSI Group was established in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois. The German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, created Otto & Sons. The outfit started as a family meat market known for its quality beef and other meats. Soon, the family-owned company was spotlighted by the emerging fast-food enterprise, McDonald’s Corporation.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, enlisted the meat company as a source for his fresh ground beef. The rising fast-food restaurant owner assumed a long-term business and personal relationship with Otto & Sons and later utilized the meat company as his only meat supplier. Otto & Sons made an indelible mark on the community due to their high integrity and premium meat quality.

The family market changed their name in 1975 to OSI Industries. They began supplying their prime goods to other local markets. The company evolved from the quaint family meat market to a specialized meat processing industry. The group acquired its first processing plant in 1973, incorporating the latest technology and production features. OSI Group assumed next level success as it joined forces with the already well-established processing firm, Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC in 1999.

This move provided OSI Group with scalable resources and licensure for expansion and sustainable growth. The growing OSI Group honed in on their processing craft, then began acquiring other plants in 2016-enabling them to reach other markets and regions. They have established over 60 processing facilities in 17 countries across the nation today. The OSI Group footprint spans throughout North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Asian Pacific territories. OSI was listed as number 58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies in the United States.

Their plants operate under OSI Industries LLC; the facilities process well-branded foods including meat patties, hot dogs, fish, vegetable, bacon, breakfast, pork, and poultry products. OSI Group plants have distinguished themselves by achieving numerous accolades and awards throughout the years. A notable accomplishment for the company was the prestigious Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for their significant environmental management efforts. The group excels as an outstanding global food supplier to mainstream fast food chains and retailers.


The Effort of Larkin and Lacey in the Human Rights Circle

The citizens of the United States were taken by surprise after the confirmation of the pardon of Joe Arpaia by president Trump. He has been serving as the sheriff of the Maricopa County.

There are a lot of issues that were facing him in the scene of leadership. For instance, he had the contempt of criminal after him ignoring the federal judge.

Furthermore, his leadership had been marred by different instance of corruption and most of the people in the community particularly in the city of Arizona were wishing he could been step aside to pave way for the good leadership in the county.

He has been serving in the office for 24 years and most of the people knew that he had failed in many instances particularly for the corruption that had marred his administration. Larkin and Larkin are the main people in the society that came out to condemn the take of president Trump.

Larkin and Lacey have been playing a significant role in the society through various programs that aim at promoting equality in the community. The two were earlier known to be famous journalists who were relaying the crucial information to the public regarding the matters affecting them in the society.

They then decided to take a stand of transforming the society in the arena of human rights by setting up an organization called Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The aim of the organization was to work hand in hand with other small unions which were in the same niche of human rights.

The assist that Larkin and Lacey relayed to the various small unions through Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was via financial support. Additionally, they set up programs that aimed at teaching the leaders of the human rights organizations on how to thrive in the scene of civil and human rights for them to achieve a lot in the field.

The efforts dedicated by the two to creating sanity in the society attracted support from different corners of the world. Most of their agendas were boosted by the experienced they had in the arena of the human rights. There are many organizations that achieved their goals in the human rights circle through the assistance of the Larkin and Lacey.

Larkin and Lacey were not in good terms with the leadership of the sheriff and its administration for a long time.

The two had made a move to publish the information that clarified how the administration of the sheriff was discriminating the people in the community through the matter of corruption particularly on the proceeds of the grand jury. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The two journalist were then detained at one night while at their home. The excellent cohesion they had built with the people in the community put them at the vantage position of being free. The public demanded the release of the two, and their cases dropped. Larkin and Lacey were paid compensation worth $3.75 million in 2013 following unlawful arrest by the sheriff.

Larkin and Lacey have demonstrated their stand on matters regarding the human rights in the community through various programs aimed at creating balance in the society.

Susan McGalla Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla is an example of a female businesswoman who has broken through the glass ceiling. While examples of women breaking the glass ceiling are becoming more and more common, there is still a lot to do when we are talking about having women in the upper echelons of business. Putting women in positions of leadership and promoting them is not only the right thing to do but it is good for business. Companies that have a diversity of males and females in the firm tend to outperform their less gender diverse competitors. It is good business to break the glass ceiling!

Susan McGalla is now a business consultant with her own consulting firm called P3 Executive Consulting. She also works with the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mrs. McGalla works in the business strategy and creative development field with the sports franchise. One of the highlights of her work with the Pittsburgh Steelers is the “wear what we wear” advertising campaign to sell official team merchandise.

McGalla’s role as president of business strategy and business development is a significant feat in of itself. It is even a more significant feat given the fact that she is a woman. The NFL is an industry that is dominated by men both on the field and off. Susan McGalla’s perseverance and talent have helped her smash the glass ceiling and lead one of the most famous football teams in the country.

One of the reasons why Susan McGalla was able to break the glass ceiling and become a president of a major sports team is the encouragement she received from her family and co-workers. As a girl, she says she was not given any slack when it came to competing against the boys. This prepared her to deal with men in the business world and not to be afraid of taking them on.

Susan McGalla was also given a chance to prove herself at a company such as American Eagle Outfitters. If more women were given opportunities to showcase their talent, then we would see the glass ceiling disappear. Having support groups and talking about it is not enough. Women need mentors and business leaders to give them a shot at proving that they can handle executive and senior leadership positions. Only then, will we see further inroads in the elimination of the glass ceiling.