Dr. Dov Rand’s Incredible New Approach to Aging

Dr. Dov Rand, MD, the founder, and president of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, is an expert in disorders related to age. He has been the president since 2010, providing bio-identical hormone replacement services to patients. He attended Howard University College of Medicine and later the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his residency. The Certified Medical Acupuncture practitioner lives a healthy life, which inspires his patients.

Now in his fifties, he is an exemplary, caring person. He advances his passion for patient wellness in his practice. Before recommending dietary supplements and therapies, an extensive cross-examination must be carried out to ensure the patient receives only the treatment their body needs. Furthermore, Dr. Dov Rand emphasizes the use of Peer-Review exclusively (Positivethefacts). This serves to ensure that treatment not supported with journals is never recommended to a patient.

Central to his work is a belief that there are good and bad hormones in the human body. Dr. Dov Rand’s practice is based on a medically proven fact. As age increases, the bad hormones increases as the good hormones decrease. The clinic’s core work is to restore the level of good hormones through hormone replacement gradually. Physical therapy, as well as supplements, is incorporated in the anti-aging treatment making the whole patient active and healthy.

During his free time, Dr. Dov Rand tours many regions within and outside the country. In his tours, he attends seminars- gaining practical knowledge of nutrition and solution to age-related problems. Pursuant to his desire of providing top-notch integrative care, he takes webinar courses frequently.

Currently, Dr. Dov Rand, M.D is a member of the Age Management Group and also serves as an Advisor to Elite Care. He is also pursuing his Masters and is working on his first book that explains how easy it is to have a healthy, active life even after a hundred years.