Guilherme Paulus Has Done Wonders For Tourism In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus started a tour company called CVC Brasil Operadora e Agemcia de Viagens in 1972. CVC is still around and running strong. It is currently the largest tour operator in Latin America. Thanks to Guilherme Paulus’s know-how. In 2005, Guilherme Paulus took a big step and established GJP Hotels and Resorts. GJP currently controls about 15 resorts and hotels in the country of Brazil. In anticipation for an influx of tourists as a result of the 2014 World Cup, GJP planned on constructing more hotels near airports.

Very recently, came out with a very interesting outline of Guilherme’s life and career. According to the article, Paulus was born in San Paolo in 1949. He studied business administration in college. Along with a man named Vicente Chechiari, he founded CVC in 1972, at the age of 24 years old. Over the decades, Paulus’s talents led to the massive growth of CVC. In 2009, Guilherme Paulus sold part of CVC to Carlyle Group. Carlyle Group purchased roughly 63.6% of the company, equaling about $420 million. CVC put their capital on the the stock exchange in 2013. Their revenues are about $5.2 billion, and they plan on opening about 100 new locations per year.

In 2017, he was on the cover of IstoE Dinheiro Magazine. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year for those people who work in the Services Sector. He was awarded in Sao Paulo for his work, a joyous occasion that marked a milestone in his career.

As of March 2013, Guilherme Paulus is worth $1.1 billion. Paulus is married and has two children. As a young man, he worked at IBM as an intern. What keeps his zest for working alive is the fact that he enjoys taking part in an endeavor where jobs are being created and the economy is being helped. It is quite obvious that he is dedicated to helping his country and individual communities. At the same time, he is dedicated to making the dreams come true of tourists who flock to Brazil for a nice time.

Facts About Arabian Tycoon Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani was born between 1952 and the year 1953. He is a wealthy person whose line of business involves property development. Hussain Sajwani also is the founder of DAMAC company that deals with real estate development, besides being the founder Sajwani is the chairman of the company.

Every year Forbes ranks companies from all over the world on the basis of the annual revenue growth and in the year 2017 DAMAC company emerged as the best in the list comprising of 2000 global companies.

In the year 2018 Hussain Sajwani has a worth of around $4 billion and in Forbes 2018 ranking he was the fourth richest Arab.

Early Life

Hussain Sajwani is a son of an entrepreneur. His father owned a shop that sold watches, parker pens, shirts and imports from China. He was privileged to get a chance to get a government scholarship to the US to parsue his dream caree


Sajwani first career was working in a gas industry where he worked from the year 1981. After two years in the company, he came up and implemented a catering venture idea called Global Logistics Services where he was able to get customers all over including Bechtel and the US army. The venture has been able to grow and is operational even today.

In the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC properties one of the largest companies in the Middle East that deals with the development of the property. Since the company was established it has been able to develop over 19000 apartments and over 44000 in the stages of development. Later on in the year, 2015 DAMAC Properties was listed in the Dubai Financial Market.

DAMAC Properties has been able to develop one of the biggest projects in the world such as golf course currently managed by Trump Organization, Paramount Hotels and Resort, Versace and Fendi interiors among other major projects.

Being listed among the top 100 influential Arab in the 2017 , Sajwani was able to invest 600 million Euros in London through an Aykon London One Tower which is branded by Versace.


Hussain Sajwani –DAMAC Foundation funded Dubai Future Foundation which was geared at providing training to millions of young people on developing software

Personal Life

Sajwani has married and has four children one being Ali Sajwani who was nominated in the Arabian Business Achievement award in 2017.


Ranked 15TH ON Hotelier Power 50

Property CEO of the year – Middle East award 2017

Real Estate Legend – Arabian Business Real Estate Award

Contact Details

Imran Haque Asheboro North Carolina

Imran Haque is an internal medicine doctor who works at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. He is notably one of the most renowned internal medicine specialists in Asheboro and Ramseur. In his 15 years of practicing medicine, he provides different services to tend to various illnesses. Dr. Imran Haque graduated with an honors medical degree from Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. He then fulfilled his training in Virginia at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Program. After finishing his training, he obtained a medical license to practice medicine in North Carolina.


In his years of practicing, North Carolina residents seek him out for medical assistance. Dr. Imran Haque conducts all his treatments in his Horizon Internal Medicine clinic. Patients with various illnesses can come in and have themselves evaluated for medical treatment. Patients can also come in to the clinic for routine checkups and examinations to make sure their health is up to date. He is a doctor who addresses both primary care and specialized needs as well.




The services Dr. Imran Haque offers services that range from weight loss services to laser treatments. He also offers laser hair treatment for those seeking beauty treatments as well as weight loss services. He helps patients lose weight by providing the healthiest way for them to lose weight. His clinic offers a clean and safe environment for any patient that enters.


Dr. Imran Haque maintains a professional and positive experience for everyone who comes in contact with him, doctors and clients both. Anyone who meets him can attest to his professional demeanor and experience. Dr. Imran Haque also makes sure that his staff is just as valuable as he is providing great experiences even when he’s not around.

Why Bumble Is A Good Dating Application For Women To Use

There are a lot of dating applications that women can use. Many of them however, do not focus on the needs of women. Often times, women are swamped by inappropriate messages, comments and solicitations on dating sites and apps. Women and men can also get bombarded by spam messages. Such problems are especially prevalent for female users.

One dating application called Bumble that was started by Whitney Wolfe has come up with a solution to this problem. Bumble does not let men send messages to women unless the woman has sent them a message. This eliminates the problem that most women face on dating applications. A man on Bumble can only respond to a woman if she messaged him first. This gives women the power to select who they will receive messages from and greatly cuts if not completely eliminates inappropriate and spam messages that solicit women for sex.

The dating application created by Whitney Wolfe has some very interesting quirks. For a woman to start a conversation with a man, he must like her and she must like him. This concept is similar to Tinder, where two people must both swipe each other before they can connect and chat. Connections last for 24 hours and then disappear. If a woman wants to chat with a man that she is interested in and that is interested back she must initiate a conversation in that period. Bumble currently lets a user extend one like for 24 hours for both a man and a woman to increase the chance that the other party will see this like and show interest back.

The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe is also a co-founder of the dating application Tinder. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder, however due to sexual harassment at the company. For standing up to sexual harassment and being an innovator in the dating application world, Whitney Wolfe has earned much acclaim from fellow women and the tech industry.

According To Doctor Sergio Cortes Brazil Must Address The Neglected Tropical Disease Issue

Brazil has been inundated with the Zika virus. It is the first major attack of the Zika virus in Brazilian history, according to Dr. Cortes, the former Director and current medical advisor for the State Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Cortes told that the Zika virus is just one of the Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that impacts the poverty stricken areas as well as the wealthy areas of Brazil.

Millions of Brazilians come down with dengue and chikungunya every year, and some of those people die because there is no vaccine, and the mosquito population continues to increase. The healthcare system has advanced in terms of technology and drugs, but when it comes to controlling mosquito-borne diseases the healthcare system is still in the dark ages. lists Dr. Cortes as the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, but he is still very active in the development of a sensible healthcare system that addresses the mosquito-borne virus issue. Cortes wants to find a multi-faceted solution that can save the lives of thousands of people living below the poverty level. A Dr. Cortes official website post said the Zika virus has opened the eyes of the world to the ineptness in controlling mosquito-borne diseases.

The Zika virus is just one of the infectious diseases that are considered neglected tropical diseases. Billions of people around the world are infected every year NTD’s, and more than 30,000 people die every year from mosquito bites. In a tweet, Dr. Cortes encouraged nongovernmental organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, donors and the government to invest in the prevention and the control of mosquito-borne diseases. Dr. Cortes said that even though the symptoms of these neglected tropical diseases may be similar they react differently once they enter the human body.

The Zika virus has made a huge impact on the healthcare system in Brazil, but the virus has also affected the healthcare industry in every country in Latin America. Zika has demonstrated the uncanny ability to disrupt, confuse and intimidate health officials as well as the general public. Dr. Cortes believes the Zika virus will be the catalyst for change in healthcare systems in countries that didn’t take tropical diseases seriously in the past. Climate change is creating new territory for the mosquitoes that carry viruses that can be passed to humans. It not just the poor countries that are targets for mosquitoes anymore. The rich countries are being affected and infected too.
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The Success of Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

Imagine the feeling of one of the world’s most famous rappers showing up at your frontdoorstep. This is just what CEO of Solo Captial was presented with when Snoop Dogg showed up at his door with his 10-person entourage. The first thing that popped into Shah’s mind was the fact that they didn’t have any food ready for this crew of rappers. This wasn’t a problem however as they spent time in the garden and spoke of Los Angeles and Dubai. This was an amazing surprise visit that left Shah inspired to do something great.

Shah had decided that he needed to create a benefit based around music. This is where he came up with the idea for Autism Rocks. He was able to successfully partner with big name acts like Prince and Lenny Kravitz. This helped him to raise a large sum of money for autism research. This has been a passion of Shah’s for many years. He was finally able to devise a way to raise money for this cause while having a very fun and exciting event accompany this fundraising.

Shah has been very successful in business for many years. He has created a great name for himself in the world of capital management. Shah has been able to create great returns in the market as a result of the many years of experience he has had with capital management. He has found a great deal of success in both business and philanthropy as well. His investing knowledge has helped him create a net worth of over a billion dollars. This has helped him dedicate more of his time to projects that are giving back to the community. Shah has been able to move forward in the business world and create many great changes that have been very influential in the world of finance.

George Soros Warns of 2008 Style Crisis

A new year traditionally begins with lots of hope and optimism, but thus far 2016 is taking a different tack. Since this new year began, however, the financial markets are looking less than optimistic, to say the least. Since the start of the new year the market has dropped dramatically, with worldwide losses now at over $2.5 trillion globally. According to market guru George Soros on Bloomberg, all this indicates a possible crisis, one that could reach the proportion of the economic meltdown of 2008.

Soros is a voice market watchers listen to, as this hugely successful hedge fund owner, who’s been working since the 1950s, is worth over $27 billion, due to the success of his investments.

In a recent talk in Sri Lanka, George Soros’ observed that much of the instability we are seeing now stems from the changes occurring in China. China is going through what might be called growing pains, as it changes from a manufacturing and investment based economy into one that is geared more towards service and consumerism. This change hasn’t been easy, and the yuan is now going through major losses in value, all of which are taking a huge toll on the international market.

Since the start of 2016, the plunges in the Chinese market have forced it to close for trading on several occasions. The losses were huge and there is no solution in sight right now.

The Chinese authorities are acting swiftly to stem the losses, with the People’s Bank of China lowering interest rates dramatically and even the Communist Party pledging to let go of controls on capital by 2020. The authorities are also putting a lot of money into the economy, but thus far none of these moves has helped significantly.

Soros advice at this time is for investors to move warily in the new year to avoid major losses. This doesn’t look to be a time for major risk taking, to say the least.

The Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a twenty one year old lady who has become globally prominent. She is a human rights activist who is the voice of the oppressed people in North Korea as well as from other parts of the world. The North Korean defector has inspired many freedom loving individuals with her story. She advocates human trafficking victims and hopes to promote human rights around the globe and especially in North Korea. She comes from an educated family that had political connections in North Korea. She gained her prominence during the One Young World 2014 summit where she delivered a speech. The summit is a platform where young people from all around the world gather to find solutions to the issues being faced in the world. During the summit, Yeonmi Park narrated her experience where she and her family escaped from North Korea.

Her father was a civil servant who was part of the ruling Workers’ party at Hyesan whereas her mother was a nurse for the North Korean military army. Her father was later imprisoned for alleged participation in illegal trade. Yeonmi explains that after watching a pirated DVD of the Titanic, she realized that North Korean government was oppressing its citizens. She and her family later defected to China in 2007 where she settled in Seoul, South Korea. She is set to prove that her father died in China while receiving cancer treatment and not in North Korea. She elaborates that after her father was released from prison, she and her mother defected to China and her father later on defected in October 2007. She has refuted claims that her father died in North Korea and she plans to prove this by retrieving the remains of her father which she claims are in China and having the DNA tested. She also plans to meet with the doctors who treated her father in Chinese Hospital.

Yeonmi claims that there are approximately ten defectors who lived together with her family and they defected to South Korea. She and her family were unable to mourn the death of her father as they feared they would be discovered by the Chinese government. There was no funereal but they buried his remains in the ground near a mountain. They were able to settle in China without the detection of the authority due to the large population of Koreans living in China. The family faced major difficulties while trying to settle in South Korea but they were able to find employment. Yeonmi was also able to continue with her education where she attended Dongguk University in Seoul. She has even gone ahead to write a book and has publicly narrated her story about her life in North Korea. She has since then been inspired to be the face of the oppressed as she knows the struggles that they go through. She participates in activist programs including Freedom Factory Corporation and is a member of the Liberty in North Korea. This has earned her recognition from all over the world.

A Sneak Peek into Investment Banking and James Dondero

Investment banking is a complex sector of economics, and it has been in existence for a while now. An investment bank is a financial corporation that aids in raising cash for the government, people and companies. It does this through a number of ways – together or separately. One method is through the substitution of the client in the issuance of the security. The other one is through acting as the underwriter.

The United States divides securities into various categories, and each category contains its own subcategories. Debt securities are majorly comprised of elements such as bonds, banknotes and debentures. The others are common stocks that are a kind of corporate equity. Lastly, there are derivatives that are broken into more intricate economic concept and terms such as futures, swaps, forwards and options.

Each one country possesses its own distinct definition of a security, but the issuer remains the same for all countries. The issuer remains constant, and it is who the investment banks directly deal with. Securities are the traditional and most common methods for new corporations or companies to raise capital, and investment banks come in handy since they have the knowledge and experience of ensuring this does happen. Securities are far much better alternatives to bank loans, hence the best choice for governments since they often require higher debt ceiling rose so that they can issue securities. Investment banks handle such like transactions due to their vast experience and capability.

By underwriting the bank or giving insurance, the bank will either acknowledge responsibility for complete or partial loss, or it will guarantee payment to the clients in case there are losses. Investment banks carry out all this through the raising of cash from several investors for whatever corporation or company they are in lieu of, as a result, investment banks would be forced to cover any losses through taking care of investors instead of getting it from the pocket of the corporation or company.

The other phase of it is that the investment banks will have to come up with whatever amount of cash the clients require if they are capable of raising the required cash from the investors it requires. The advantage of the aforementioned is the sharing of the profits of the company as well as having exclusive sales agreements. This is a very good transaction taking into account how investment bankers carefully choose their clients, and they have a good notion of what will eventually be successful.

James Dondero is quite knowledgeable in the field of investment banking. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He possesses over 30 years expertise in the financial institution having worked for prominent names as American Express. When he was employed at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, he steered the raising of $2 billion and managed it.

Yeon-mi Park, The Human Right Activist

Yeonmi Park is actually believed to have been born in Hyesan, which is located in North Korea. Currently, she is a junior at the Dongguk University which is located in Seoul. In the university, she mainly majors in matters concerning Criminal Justice.

Yeonmi has featured and published in several different papers newspapers. Some of the papers include; the Washington Post,the Voice of America, the Radio Free Asia, in the BBC2,the SBS Insight among many others

Park is always a regular visitor in the South Korean TV on which is known as Now On My Way to Meet You.this is a program that is known for its attempts to bridge the existing gap between the North and the South Koreans.

Yeomni Park is also a Media Fellowat the famous Freedom Factory Co. Ltd. Her tv appearances do not end here, as she is also a co-host in the English-language TV podcast Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show. She is a recognized volunteer with the Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights, and also in the and is the Ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees program which offer support to different needy individuals in korea.

Park is actually a young girl who is believed to have run away from North Korea. Last year, she told the BBC about the kind of violence and food starvation she went through when she was living there.

During her stay in North Korea, Yeonmi Park went through a lot of difficult situations. She actually witnessed horrifying bloody executions she was sometimes forced to take grass and even insects for food so that she could survive. At 13 years of age, her family fled to China in their quest to search and get a better life. Unfortunately, her mother was brutally tortured and raped in her efforts to guard her children.

Currently, at 21-year Yeomni lives in South Korea, but she travels all over the world, trying to create and raise awareness about the North Korean regime, which many people find very repressive.Just recently, she shared some of this painful memories with the BBC’s Lucy Hockings.

As time goes by, the beautiful Yeon-mi continues to seriously work hard on her book, and also trys to speak out so that freedom in North Korea can be achieved.

During the Human Rights Day last year in December, Yeon-mi actually appeared in a great panel in the United States of America State Department, together with outspoken defector known as Joseph Kim.

During public forums, Kim has always tried telling people how he actually saw hisown father withering and dying from lack of food, how the sister actually disappeared while his own mother abandoned them at home. He survived in the streets, looking for breed anywhere he could find it. According to Kim, hunger is the worst thing that can happen to everyone, it is humiliating, and brings a lot of helplessness.

Kim’s story illustrates how difficult and desperate the situation life in North Korea is, and just how much the women in the country suffered and made tough decisions.