The Power Of Laughter In A Photo

Skout, the globally recognized social application has discovered the power of laughter that could help you a great deal in making new friends. Studies have clearly shown that even though laughter is good for your health, it is much better to laugh alongside your buddies. While celebrating National Humor Month that began on 1st April, Skout made a study of their clients and revealed that most of the users with profile pictures of them laughing had a higher chance of being made a favorite than the average individual photos. The laughter also led to a higher percentage of connecting with other people.
The CEO and co-founder of SKOUT was amazed at the effect that laughter had on people around. It makes it easier to make friends on the application particularly. There were numerous surveyed that were carried out to discover different effects of laughter and each study revealed different results.
After the study, it was obvious that the practical jokers had many closer friends as compared to the sarcastic individuals who had fewer friends. The New Yorkers, as well as the San Franciscans, were only 83% sure of their funny traits while the Houstonians were 100% confident in their humor and the Atlantans and Angelenos only had 98% confidence in their comic abilities.
SKOUT is a social community with the largest base globally. Its platform covers more than 180 different countries and is also available in 16 varying languages in the world easing the burden to make close friends as you grow your social circle. It is easy to meet new people through this mobile phone application as it avails details on events near you. You can shake to chat with just anyone that you wish to chat with online. Additionally, the application gives you a passport that allows you to travel to any corner of the world and find a new pal. You have the option of being featured on the whole community hence being seen by everyone.
Apart from being a social media software, it also enhances online dating. It is amongst the first mobile dating platforms that show precisely where the user is situated. There are other standard features available on SKOUT. They include a nightlife app, Fuse as well as Nixter. In the year 2013, it had more than 500million connections.
The system used is that of a cell phone” global positioning system. This feature makes it easier for different users to find each other. Also, there is an accurate GPS location. The application works on both Android and iOS operating systems.

A New Dawn In Video Visitation Technology Brought By Securus Technologies

When video visitation technology was launched, many people praised Securus Technologies engineering team for such a great tool. This video visitation technology was compatible with computers and laptop. This meant a lot to their customers at that time; there no longer going to be long travels to the prison to see their family and friend during official visitation days. The customers could just go to their computer and video visit their incarcerated friend or family, thus saving money and time. This technology also meant that you could easily see your family or friend locked away anytime you wanted, all you had to do was to book a video visitation space. For a long time, people have been using inmate phone calls, and the voice only connection was never enough. Video visitation seemed to have sealed the deal. Many people went ahead to acquire computers and laptops to use this service. With time people got used to the computer video visitation and appreciated it though it had limitations they demanded that Securus Technologies do more on the limitations of the service. A call which the company honored.

Then technology improved and smartphones were introduced to the market. The smartphone was a big hit the American consumer market and everyone went ahead to acquire one of them. The smartphone had many advantages on it as you could carry it around with you. On top of this it had video calling capabilities, and just like the computer anyone could utilize this platform to make a video calling application. Securus Technologies took some time to perfect their inmate communication products and finally they have delivered – A new mobile video visitation application. To make it more accessible, they have made it in two versions; an Android application for Android operating system phones and an Apple application for smartphones like iPhones which utilize the Apple operating system. The Android application can be downloaded from Google play store while the Apple application can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Securus Technologies have been coming up with new innovations every time and better forms of their previous more than 800 security products. The innovative predecessor of the video visitation mobile phone application is the patented THREAD 3.1 software. This software is an operating system that has been upgraded from the previous version. This software is mainly used for large-scale security solution like correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This software offers a platform for different security tools like CCTVs, motion sensors, voice recorders and video recorders to be integrated into. This new upgrade is more complex and offers a wide variety of user options and tools.

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App Users Flock to Flipora

While a huge part of the population clamors to fork out $2.99 a month for Kylie Jenner’s new app, social media apps continue to be the primary way others connect and share with the world. Apps under the social media umbrella help users connect and share with their media followers in a uniquely direct way. There are well-known and widely used apps standard for nearly smart phone like Facebook or Twitter but users are continually seeking out the next greatest app. Many are quickly discovering Flipora, the social media app that allows users to discover online content, making it one of the fastest growing available apps for download.

Still leading the social media game are widely-used apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Each with their own strengths and uniqueness, the trends tend to follow what the younger generation of users are seeking. After parents migrated to Facebook, 20-somethings and teens fled to apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to do their sharing. While Facebook now excels for a social media presence for business and parents, Snapchat allows quick and fun temporary photo-sharing. Both apps allow for connections and direct sharing.

Twitter and Instagram are social media giants as well, with celebrities and news outlets sharing on both. Twitter has proven a great way for media to break news with followers. Users can post short updates as well as respond to followers and share pictures, direct message, etc. While Instagram specializes in picture sharing and filters, it too has a heavy celebrity presence. Even NBA players are using it to make career announcements.

Although Flipora may not have joined the notoriety ranks of Facebook and Twitter yet, their user base is quickly growing. The app distinguishes itself from all other social media apps while still being user friendly and intuitive. So what is exactly is Flipora? It is a personalized content discovery app which gets to know its user and seeks out content and cool information based on user interest. Available for iPhones and Androids alike, the app recommends relevant content that it knows the user will enjoy but has yet to discover. Flipora accomplishes this through their algorithm as well as user driven voting.

After its introduction, Flipora was growing at a rate of 150,000 users per week with 25,000 per day and was still adding new features to entice users. Reportedly, users are responding so positively to the uniquely personal content and convenient delivery. Flipora gained 8 million users by June 2012 and grew exceedingly to 25 million users in April 2014. As of July 2015, the app was experiencing 7 million unique hits monthly with expectations to keep growing.

Flipora is Changing Social Browsing Forever

Social media connects people all over the planet with the tap of a button and the blink of an eye. Kids in Chicago can talk to kids in Kyoto and nobody is surprised by this anymore. Social media has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade with Facebook making the biggest splash as almost anyone with an internet connection is now registered. With social media so saturated in our lives it has come to the point that new companies have to try to revolutionize and it is there that Flipora is making their case as the next big thing.

Flipora is a social browsing extension not unlike StumbleUpon. You install Flipora into your browser and it passively collects and logs data from your browsing habits. If you want to turn off the browser for private searching then you can do that with the click of a button. When Flipora is on and sharing data it is sent up to the cloud and compiled anonymously with every other user that is a part of the social media browser.

The Discovery Engine is likely going to be the next big internet ‘thing’. Right now we have as much information as we want at our finger tips but the catch is that we need to know how to look for it. If you don’t know a particular URL or string of search terms then you will miss out on content you didn’t even know you wanted. The Discovery Engine aims to put content in front of you that you would otherwise likely not find. It is in this way that users connect in a passive way through their mutual interests.

While you may not have heard of Flipora as of this writing, there are many people who have. The social media browser is turning into a giant and is now growing by over 150,000 users every single week. With that many users coming in to the fold the company, formerly known as InfoAxe, is logging millions of pages of data every single day. On a typical day Flipora will index enough data to fill up Wikipedia 4 – 8 times! This is obviously a staggering amount of data but the team at Flipora has it well under control.

Flipora firmly believes that aggregating anonymized browsing data is likely the most important aspect of the next generation of social media engagement. Right now users are fawning over the engine and as a result the brand is growing in a meteoric and capable fashion.

The Skout Network Joins People From Different Cultures

Those who have chosen to join the Skout network, many of them end up staying with the network for years. The Skout network is extremely popular, and it’s been around for long enough that many people can talk to each other about Skout, and they know what they are referring to. Skout is a big name when it comes to online dating, and it’s also a great website to socialize on. Many Skout users have recruited their friends to join the network, and many of them tend to talk to each other through the network as well. Skout is a place to have fun online.

When people go on the Skout network, they are not necessarily visiting the network to look for romance or love. Skout has expanded to the point where anyone who wants to have a social relationship with someone else, they can find someone on the network. With the millions of people available on the Skout network, it’s easy to find someone that may match with the personality that a person is looking for. If someone wants a person who is physically fit, they can find them on the Skout network. Those looking for people in a certain age range will also have luck on the Skout network.

There are very few searches that cannot be fulfilled on the Skout network because there are so many people to choose from. Currently, Skout has over 220 million users on the network, and this gives other users a great amount of people to choose from. Those who are looking for love, they’ll have a lot of ways to find love on the Skout network.

Skout is available in over 180 countries today, and there are 14 languages available on the network too. Since the Skout network is so diverse, it allows people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds to speak with each other. It’s not even necessary to learn someone else’s language in order to speak with them because the Skout network has helped to bring different cultures together. Not only have relationships been forged on the Skout network, but many have been able to find some amazing friends in different countries that they’d never been to before. Make the choice to join Skout.