The Solution for the That Perfect Hair You Dreamed Of

You have at some point in your life seen advertisements for the hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean. If you have never heard of the WEN cleansing conditioners, then the products are basically an all-in-one conditioner, shampoo and styling treatment. These products work well for all hair types and it all depends on the formulation you try.

The Wen Cleaning Conditioner is an excellent product for individuals with fine hair who shower and style their hair every single morning. This conditioner will make your hair look fabulous post-shower. If you ever crave for an extra shine on your hair, then this conditioner does the magic for you. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

About Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean had a passion for hair when he began his photography journey. He attended several photography courses which later inspired him to join a cosmetology school briefly after settling in Los Angeles. His interest in hair then blossomed into a professional business specializing in cutting as well as color. While he worked on perfecting his professional skills, he also helped a highly popular company to develop a product line. This is where he developed an interest in creating products. He quickly moved up the ranks at a fashionable salon in Bel Air hence becoming a manager. Soon thereafter, he purchased the salon and build a clientele base which comprised of an impressive list of superstars. His salon then relocated to Hollywood, where it changed its name to Chaz Dean Studio. Here, he offered the high scale customers an escape from paparazzi as well as an atmosphere that was intimate and secluded. Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

Chaz Dean is continually developing new products, tending to customers at his salon besides styling for fashion award shows. He is an inspiration to people all over the world and has changed many lives by way of helping his clients realize the hair they have always dreamed of having. Chaz sells his products exclusively on Sephora cosmetics and online via Amazon.

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Madison Street Capital Crisis Management

Is your business having financial uncertainties? Welcome to Madison Street Capital
Economic turbulence like the great recession can instigate uncertainties in businesses, leaving business owners frazzled. Other financial shocks which may emanate from within the business or from the outside environment can create intense liquidity crises, pushing companies to make necessary adjustments to cope with the new elephant in the room.

The company which prides in crafting and implementing the best strategies for businesses facing such uncertainties, has been on the forefront in ensuring that companies get back to their feet when facing the greatest economic turmoil. With an indisputable list of professionals with a plethora of experience in crisis management, organizational realignment, loan restructuring, and recoveries among other areas, Madison Street Capital provides custom-made solutions to their clients who come from a diverse range of industries. The Madison Street Capital team addresses the unique needs of the clients and delves into the matter, providing a careful analysis of the situation and making clear-cut recommendations to businesses.

The middle market investment banking firm offers a wide array of services such as corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, and financial opinions for middle-market companies. As middle-level companies continue sprouting every day, finding a suitable and dependable financial advisor is a headache for the business owners. With a history and reputation of excellence, Madison Street Capital works with business owners seeking favorable lending, acquisitions or building a sound exit strategy. The company has its footprints in North America, Africa, and Asia.
So if your business is facing financial difficulties and uncertainties, look no more. Visit the Madison Street Capital YouTube channel for an overview of their services.

Enjoy two days in London with WorldEscape

Looking to sample the best of London in only a short amount of time? We’ve planned the perfect 2 day trip to the bustling city so you can see all the highlights in the shortest time possible!

Start your tour of London at the St. Katharine Docks where you’ll find the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, both monuments to the violent and bloody history of England. Remember, you won’t have long to look around if you want to see everything so take a look around before spotting one of the iconic red buses that frequent the area. Board the Route master and enjoy the sites of the city from the views of a double decker!

Hop off the bus at the St. Paul’s Cathedral, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the cathedral but, if you’re brave, take the steps to the top to enjoy panoramic views of the city and river. After taking in the view be sure to head straight for the trains and go directly to the National Gallery. Featuring nearly a millennium of artwork and history, the gallery will finish the rest of your morning. Finding a great lunch spot nearby won’t be too hard with excellent cafes and dinners all around. If you’re inclined, the Leicester square sells tickets to shows in the city. Pick up a few tickets before heading on to Trafalgar Square, the true heart of the city.

From the square, you’ll have easy access to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Enjoy the sites while browsing the shops for souvenirs and trinkets. When you’re ready head off to St. James Park to enjoy the rest of your afternoon. You’ll have just enough time to eat at one of the many fine restaurants before attending your show and making it back to your hotel.

Staying at a hotel in the city will be easy when you book through WorldEscape, they offer a huge selection of London vacation rentals for far less than what you’d pay at a hotel. Relax with your friends or alone while enjoying amenities like kitchens, full baths, and multiple rooms! Their rooms are in the most convenient locations in the city and booking through their website is simple and easy to do!

Once you’re rested up, head back to Trafalgar square and make your way towards Buckingham Palace. In the summer, you’ll be able to tour the palace before stopping to wittiness the change of the guards at 11:30 AM. After the change of the guard, hop the train to visit Kensington Palace. You’ll need a few hours for the tour and to take in the breathtaking views from the palace gardens. From the palace take the train to Kings Cross, before departing the city.

Andy Wirth’s Awesome Recovery from Skydiving Accident

Andy Wirth is an intriguing executive, contributor, and survivor of a terrible accident that happened in October 2013 in an isolated region of Lodi, California. Wirth is the chief executive officer and president of Squaw Valley Ski properties, conglomerate of Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Resorts. Just recently, Sierra Sun reported he was chosen as the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board in July 2015, which he considers an honor to share his expertise in the local economy. Earlier this year, Andy appeared in a popular show, Undercover Boss, aired on the CBS Television Network in March. As co-founder of Wounded Warrior Support, Wirth has helped raised thousands of dollars to help the Navy Seal Foundation.

In October of 2013, Andy experienced a horrific skydiving accident, causing severe damages to his right arm. He described his ordeal in Steamboat Today as traumatic injuries, requiring 21 surgeries. The things that kept him conscience and literally helped him to overcome going into shock was the song lyrics to “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam, repeated over and over in his mind.

After recovering in the hospital for nearly 3 months, Mr. Wirth received support of two remarkable friends, Navy Seal Team, Andrew Messick and a cyclist friend. The three men organized a relay team that tested his athletic abilities and organized Ironman team, Wounded Warrior Support. The organization raises funds to help support surviving families of warriors who lost their lives and to honor injured warriors. Crowdrise is running a campaign for the trio team members of an event to be held in September 2015 to honor a team for the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe.

In 2015, he was appointed as Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board and continues to run one of the top ski resorts over the world. As a contributor, he raises funds to support the Navy Seal Foundation and contributes to environmental and community service organizations in Lake Tahoe. After receiving much support from friends, co-workers, and families, Andy became a conqueror of injuries and continues business as usual. Since the accident, he has appeared on CBS’s Undercover Boss and co-founded the Wounded Warrior Support Ironman Team.