Success Story of Igor Cornelsen

It is in the year 1947 that Igor was born, in a place called Curitiba in Brazil. In 1965, Igor Cornelsen joined an engineering school known as Federal University of Parana. At the time he was joining that university it was only one that offered engineering course in the whole States of Parana and Santa Catarina. This resulted in enormously admissions protocol. 2 years later as Igor was studying his engineer course, he makes a momentous decision to start studying economics still in the same University. In 1970, Igor graduated and began working at an investment bank.

It was a common practice for the entire engineer by that time since they had the unique capability of calculating the compounded rates of interest with the sliding rules. The skill was valuable because the availability of computers and calculators was limited not like today. Igor Cornelsen gained fame in this sector that finally ended in Rio, with a unique chance of serving as an investment banker. He continued to be the best in his level this paved way to his promotion to the Multibanco’s board of directors in 1974. Igor later became the CEO 2 years after working on the board of directors. In the year 1978, Multibanco was taken by the Bank of America, and Mr. Cornelsen had to leave in order to pursue other opportunities.

The one that came first was Unibanco which was among the topmost investment firm in Brazil, Igor worked there until 1985, by then the inflation rate was exploding. Igor Cornelsen secured another job at Libra Bank PLC that was a London Merchant Bank. This marked the most fantastic point in his career. Since it was the first time, he received a salary in US Dollars leading to opening up the entire world of the investment opportunity. After some years of constant success, Cornelsen and his London colleagues shifted to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He was a board member and also a representative in Brazil; seven years he was a tremendously successful board member. Igor left in 1995 and formed his investment firm that offered similar services to those he provided for London merchant banks.