Sean Penn Writes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff; a Book that Stirringly Dances Between Fiction and Fact

When an actor has acted all he has to act and seen all that there is to see, he is often forced to ask himself “What is else is there to do?” When Sean Penn sat down to ask himself that very question the ideas for his first book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, erupted out of him like Wolf volcano of the Galapagos Islands. Described as a bizarre story that seems like a metaphor for actual current events, Sean Penn is being flown all over the world to explain it.

Penn describes his book as a project that had been atop of a to-do list that he could never quite cross off. After he traveled to Haiti, a myriad of emotions had welled up inside him and he had a lot to say about this experience. This book was a way for him to get some of those stories out and in a way that only Sean Penn could illustrate. “I wanted to write a book that told a story but in a sensitive, introspective and engaging manner.” His goal or his aim was not to club the reader over the head with his truth but rather pull them in through satire, conversation and intrigue. This book delivers all of that and then some.

It was during his interview with Trevor Noah that he spoke candidly about some of his experiences while in Haiti, Venezuela and about his relationship with Hugo Chavez. Trevor Noah pointedly asked Sean Penn to explain and without hesitation Penn responded “I don’t mind saying that Hugo Chavez was my friend and that his initial mission was noble.” Sean Penn has always been a man who pulls no punches and speaks his truth without filter. During his interview with Noah he pointedly talks about corruption, revolution and political competency without giving away too many secrets that can be found in his new book.

Penn speaks of change, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Levi’s 501s in the same sentence as if, somehow, they are all esoterically connected. In another interview Penn alludes to using current events as a cathartic attempt to string together his experiences with the Trump administration. The interviewer asked Penn if Trump was his muse for one of the characters in the book and in true Penn fashion he leaned back, gave his famous intoxicating grin and simply said “After you read the book you will know the answer to that question.” A real page turner, from start to finish, Bob Honey’s adventures and life will leave you wanting to know more.