Beneful Treats, Far From Obsolete

Are you like most of the dog owners out there? Do you want to teach your dog a new trick? Perhaps you want them to change the TV channel to ESPN for you. Better yet, you want them to take out the trash and do the dishes. The truth of the matter is there is no better way to reward your dogs than to feed them Beneful Dog Treats. Easy as 1-2-3. Not only are Beneful Dog Treats healthy, they are delicious. With Beneful Dog Treats you will have your dog behaving and speaking multiple languages. Just kidding. However, Beneful Dog Treats are to assist in strengthening the bond you have with your dog. The good new is Beneful Dog Treats come in several different flavors for your choosing. The best flavors are up for discussion. Yet the highest rated and most popular flavors include the Break-N-Bites Beef Flavor and the Break-N-Bites Chicken Flavor. Also, they come in wet and dry varieties, not to mention they are low in calories. In addition, the Beneful dog treats are good enough for both young and old dog breeds. Next time you want to teach your dog how to catch a frisbee, feed them a Beneful dog treat. Also, if you find them to be too expensive you have the option of using Beneful Dog Treats coupons. These coupons can be found on many websites including and In closing, be sure to try out Beneful Dog Treats for yourself. They are top of the line dog treats. That is for sure.

Freshpet Brings Gourmet Food To Your Pet’s Dish

Tucked away in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania, a revolution in pet food is occurring and it’s taking the nation by storm. Freshpet is changing the norm for pet food with its production of refrigerated, gourmet quality food for pets.

Freshpet and a group of other innovative pet food manufacturers are catching the eye and wallets of cat and dog owners in the lucrative pet food sector. Faced with losing market share, traditional pet food manufacturers are changing their marketing mix and product line to keep up with the appeal that the new producers, such as the Blue Buffalo Company. Not only are traditional pet food manufacturers like Beneful adding appealing meat and fish dishes, they are introducing blends that cater to particular situations, such as weight loss and control.

Traditional pet food heavyweights Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle’s and Mars’ are providing consumers a plethora of options on to satisfy their concerns for their pets health with websites, and offering natural organic additives enhance the food’s nutrient value.
Since 2009, premium dog and cat food sales have increased 45% and hold a 50% market share of the pet food market like Beneful and Wall Street is taking notice. Privately held, Blue Buffalo Company went public and sales are anticipated to exceed $1 billion dollars this fiscal year.

Not to be outmaneuvered, the traditional pet food producers are acquiring small, niche producers, such as Purina purchasing Merrick Pet Care, a manufacturer of organic dry and wet dog food.

As well, Purina is the manufacturer of the leading pet food, Beneful is a wet and dry cat and dog food. It’s comprised of the finest ingredients that are blended into a variety of flavors to satisfy the pallets of even the most discriminating dogs. The blends from Beneful are comprised of chicken, pork, beef and lamb with green beans, rice, barley and carrots.

Refrigerated dog meals like Beneful on amazon is an expanding market, but a relatively new niche. Freshpet is distributed nationwide and offered in refrigerated cases in more than 14,000 stores and available in some Target, Walmart, and Whole Food Markets.