Ryan Seacrest: The modern Broadcaster

Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s most well-known television figures, his roles as host and producer of shows such as “American Idol” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” have propelled his name into the mainstream. This, however, is but only one example of the incredible career of Ryan Seacrest that spans over multiple industries. A little-known venture of Seacrest is his involvement in the skin care and men’s clothing industry. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand produces a range of clothing styles including men’s tailored clothing, accessories, outerwear, sweaters, pants and more.

Today Ryan Seacrest resides on the other side of the country in New York City, a new location in fact as Seacrest, for the most part, resided in Los Angeles, California. His move comes in his new hosting gig on the Live with Kelly and Ryan program. In a recent interview in regards to the move, Ryan Seacrest commented that his days are practically identical to those in L.A, except for one thing, having to constantly check the weather.

Live with Kelly and Ryan is just but one of his occupations in New York, Seacrest is also the host of On Air with Ryan, a syndicated radio program. In a recent interview, Seacrest mentioned that a lot of his inspiration came from working with Dick Clark. Clark advice to Seacrest was to make it look easy if he can accomplish that, you’re doing it well.

So, how does Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) do it all? He places different degrees of urgency into his agenda. For Example, Seacrest mentioned that he will not take phone calls through the first half of the day. “This did not necessarily come naturally. I trained myself”. With all this, Ryan Seacrest still finds time to give back. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was formed to build media centers in pediatric hospitals to give patients/students from journalism schools the opportunity to explore and gained valuable knowledge in the world of broadcast media through hands-on hand experience.

Penelope Kokkinides’ leadership at InnovaCare Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides, the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, has been holding the position for the last three years since she joined the company in 2015. She has also previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer, as well as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Collectively she has over 20 years of experience working in both private as well as government healthcare institutions and programs. In addition to this, Penelope holds valuable knowledge and expertise in the development of clinical programs besides managing healthcare processes targeting improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare sector at the organizational level.




Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope served in various high-profile leadership positions in other healthcare companies. The valuable experience that she brings on-board InnovaCare was particularly gained when she served as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer at the Centrelight Healthcare Company. Her responsibility included overseeing the overall management of the company and the development of a strategic direction coordinate the managed care division of the company. You can check out Crunchbase.




Education-wise, she is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences which she earned from the Binghamton University. She also holds a master’s degree from New York University in social work and a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse studies. She also holds another master’s degree from Columbia University School of Public Health where she specialized in alcohol and substance abuse.




According to her ideology regarding leadership in the healthcare sector, Penelope Kokkinides highly values the concept of teamwork and the hiring of highly experienced persons, capable of delivering according to the company’s mission and vision. She has used this ideology to foster positive changes while inspiring existing workers at the InnovaCare Medical Company where she has brought into fruition most of the corporate values. For more details visit LinkedIn.




In addition to this, Penelope is a staunch advocate of the utilization of technology as an important tool for fostering corporate change in a positive manner. Utilizing technology, she has been able to conduct much of her duties at InnovaCare Medical Company while achieving the necessary versatility. She is a frequent user of technological breakthroughs such as video conferencing and screen sharing. As an entrepreneur, Penelope spends much of her time in corporate meetings which are part and parcel of her day-to-day life.




Thanks to her exemplary and visionary leadership in her position as InnovaCare Company’s Chief Administrative Officer, the company has been performing quite well, and is expected to even further improve its performance in the near future besides the high levels of competition evidenced in the market.


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The DAMAC Owner Talks About How His Company Started

When talking about the work environment at his company, the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani notes that diversity is an essential ingredient. He mentions that diversity means they have a wealth of varying ideas, views and perspectives that they can tap into while making critical business decision or during the development of strategic plans. Their diversity gives them range, which is an advantage in business. The company has 77 nationalities working for them from every continent.

Hussain Sajwani notes that his company and the success it had pre-dates to the vision of the founding fathers of the UAE, as they understood the value of creating a unified and strong nation which would serve as a gateway between the west and the east. He declares that their vision pushed him work hard in order to support the development of the UAE’s social and business infrastructure. The DAMAC owner goes on to say that entrepreneurship came naturally to him, and that he understood the importance of a home-grown business ever since he was young. In the early 2000s, as the UAE opened up its real estate market, he jumped on the opportunity and created his own company.

As he continues to talk about the environment at DAMAC, the Emirati billionaire reveals that every employee is able to contribute to DAMAC’s growth, performance and innovation. The company does not have a central team or a single department that is responsible for that. Each department within the company has different approaches when it comes to driving creativity within their team. Sajwani states that some departments have brain storming sessions outside the offices, while other departments incentivize their team in order to share creative ideas.

Seeing a development begin its journey as an idea and the materializing into a community or a home is the most enjoyable thing when ti comes to working at his company, declares Sajwani. While the process takes several years and it implies going through several hurdles and through hard work, the impact of seeing the idea take shape is what he loves most about working at DAMAC, declares the owner. According to albawaba.com, Sajwani hands over AED two million to dress one million needy children.

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Philanthropist Victoria Doramus

After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a BA in journalism and mass communication, Victoria Doramus began her professional career as a journalist, marketing strategist, and trend specialist. In 2010, Victoria had been up to that point, working as a group coordinator and was responsible for international relationships with trend correspondents, and reviewing market reports for Creative Artists Agency. Little did her colleges know Victoria was battling a serious substance abuse problem. Introduced to drugs at 15 being prescribed amphetamine, Victoria escalated over the years to harbor an Adderall and cocaine dependency problem.

In 2011, Victoria would make her first of three attempts to enter a rehab facility to seek help in getting her drug problem under control. Completing the 45-day rehab treatment in Arizona, Victory moved to LA. Over the next few years, Victory slowly lost her grip on control. Moving to London to attend graduate school, Victoria studied marketing and history. Despite moving to another country and ending friendships and pushing family away, Victoria still failed in her attempt to stay clean.

Philanthropist Victoria Doramus was checking herself into another substance abuse support rehab facility in Connecticut this time for a 60-day program. After completion, Victoria was in New York City again attempting to shake her drug habit. With no luck after this time either, and becoming homeless and finding herself in a jail cell in Thanksgiving Victoria would attempt a long-term rehab facility this time.

Flying to Austin Texas to enter a 12 step program at the Burning Tree, a long-term program that lasted a year of intense rehabilitation. Forced to wake up at 5:45 am daily and having a day filled with chores and meetings, all in preparation for life without substance dependability. Victoria is now sober and is sharing her story and experience to help others like herself overcome substance abuse issues.

Boraie Development, Real Estate Company

Boraie is a real estate company that offers its customers an array of services and its primary focus is on the urban real estate market. This organization majorly deals with property management, sales and marketing, and real estate development. Boraie developers and the Aspire have a team of dedicated professionals that can help you build a spectacular property while offering unparalleled services to their clients. At Boraie development, the forte has always been combining efforts with the leading and popular financial institutions, contractors and architects with the vision to ensure timeliness, completion, and success of all projects.


Amenities at Aspire Luxury Apartments


Aspire is a new luxury rental tower that is located at the center of New Brunswick. It is located at Somerset Street, New Brunswick. With the City’s population growth, most renters are looking for modern designs with upscale luxury. It is located a few steps from the New Brunswick train station and the Manhattan’s Penn Station. The neighborhood includes nightlife, sports and entertainment and fantastic dining options.


Aspire is also located near various hospitals such as the Saint Peter’s University Hospital and the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The Aspire includes one to two bedroom designer apartments that are in a modern and full-service property. Residents will have to enjoy modern amenities which include private parking, two private roof decks, a Resident’s Lounge, a 24/7 Doorman Lobby, and the start of the art fitness center. At the Aspire Luxury apartments, you will also enjoy social amenities such as indoor bike storage, on-site management, residents’ portal, a resident club with a library, dining area and a kitchen.  For more details you can visit patch.com


Shaquille O’Neal’s Partnership with Boraie


Shaquille O’Neal is a legend and active Hall Of Fame member. He became one of the biggest basketball players, and his success led him to a wealth-changing life. Shaquille has always had a helping heart, and he has a huge desire of helping his community. He is the man behind the design and construction of the first tallest residential building in Newark. To accomplish his life missions, he decided to partner up with the renowned real estate construction and development firm commonly known as Boraie.


The two have the full support of the city as well as Goldman Sachs. Under the terms and conditions of the partnership which was approved by the city council, the Newark screens building will be owned by Boraie Development. In the development of most revolutionary building and construction projects, Boraie Development, LLC decided to collaborate with Shaquille and other strong financial institutions. You can visit boraie.com for more info.


Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/omar-boraie#/entity


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Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Properties CEO Receives Warm Welcome In Florida

Shortly after the U.S 2016 Presidential Election, President-elect Donald Trump invited 800 VVIPs to a private dinner party to celebrate his recent landslide win in the historic presidential election. Among the invitees were Hussain Sajwani, a real estate investor with DAMAC Properties in Dubai.

This was not the first time this DAMAC Properties CEO was visiting Florida. When he was given a chance to salute his fellow VVIPs, Hussain Sajwani, who was accompanied by his wife and children, said that his family had more than once visited the Trump family in Florida. “We are honored to be here tonight. Trump and I have been friends for a long time. My family has been to Florida several times in the past and Trump and his wife have traveled to our home in Dubai many times. My wife and Ivanka are close friends. They talk to each other every day, sending emails to each other and sharing their happy lives together. We are proud to be associated with this family,” the DAMAC properties founder said.

On his part, when introducing his friend to the rest that evening, Trump called the Sajwanis the ‘most beautiful family’ from Dubai. This showed how close these two gentlemen and their families are. The friendship between them has been shown on different levels with some critics saying that Hussain Sajwani has ulterior motives. However, nothing proves that critics are right. In Dubai, Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties has built a magnificent building, which he gave the name Trump International Course Dubai.

Humble Beginnings

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC Properties in 1976. Back then, there wasn’t much problem in getting land to build apartments. However, as time passed, the need for decent commercial and residential unities arose. DAMAC Properties seized the opportunity to expand. Today, the company has been able to build over 22,700 units across the UAE. This has led to Mr. Sajwani brushing shoulders with prominent personalities.

Recently, Hussain responded to the United Arab Emirates’ His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s call to feed and clothe over 1 million poor children across the UAE. Hussain donated 2 million AED to support the Ramadan kitty that was started by His Highness. The money that Hussain gave would buy clothes to 50,000 needy children who according to the DAMAC CEO, were walking naked each day while the rich reside in castles. He said, “I feel pity when I see children on the streets walking naked. We can do something for them.”

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Jim Toner Shares The Secretes Behind His Success

Jim Toner is an experienced entrepreneur come a real estate investor. Jim has been working towards helping people establish a bright feature financially. The situation where by people lost millions of money in the real estate, and their retirement accounts making them lose hope for the future prompted him to do so. However, Jim blames the people for making wrong decisions around the market, resulting to the loss of a lot of wealth.

Jim toner’s success has been a journey with tough experiences and frequent unfortunate events. Having gone through tough experiences and finally making it, Jim Toner has stood out to share his secretes. He said that a person’s attitude is very significant, as it plays a great role when it comes to investing in real estates. He said that your attitude in the real estate market is defined by how you view the economy.

Jim Toner said that ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people in business also matters, as it can help you grow significantly in your business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the entire world have a story of having collaborated with different people with different knowledge and experience in their respective fields. A good example of such entrepreneurs includes Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

According to Jim, increasing in value as a person goes hand in hand with increase in you income. However, for you to become a valuable person in life, then you have to work hard. Jim Toner attributes his success to working hard which he says he realized early enough. He also said that when he realized he wanted to become more valuable by working hard, he began by working on himself through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual exercises. He said that for you to make tremendous changes in your life financially, good physical condition is mandatory.

Jim Toner firmly believes that for you to become rich, it is a must that you behave like the rich. He said a person with the desire to become rich must carry out his operations from the same place with the rich, as this result to the creation of a rich way of life.

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Steve Ritchie Moving Papa John’s In Right Direction

A new man has taken the helm of Papa John’s Pizza. The chain is already well known and has been advertised all over sports stadiums and television. But the pizza giant has recently run into some troubles because the former CEO and founder used racist words during a conference call.

As per Bloomberg, the new man in charge, a guy named Steve Ritchie, is hard not to like. He’s been with the company nearly his entire adult life. Richie has been involved with nearly every aspect of the pizza company since joining as a young man. Now he’s risen to the position of CEO right at a time of turmoil.

NFL and major-league baseball sponsors have begun pulling their support for the pizza company after the unfortunate remarks by the former CEO. Steve Ritchie is now tasked with the effort of repairing the public image of the pizza conglomerate.

He’s quickly issued a statement that said the words of the founder do not represent the company. In fact, he goes on to say that racial language has no place in the company at any level. Now he’s gone undertaking the incredibly huge task of educating all 120,000 employees under the Papa John’s umbrella.

Steve Ritchie knows that words are cheap in lieu of actions. That’s why he’s called an outside help. The company is bringing in experts in order to educate the workforce on cultural and racial sensitivity. In his apology posted on Facebook, Ritchie has laid out clear goals for the company and its employees.

This shows quite a bit of emotional intelligence. First of all, most companies are unwilling to show any vulnerability. That’s exactly what Steve Ritchie did in this case. And most companies would just let the entire ordeal blow over without taking any action. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is moving the company in the right direction in a very public manner with transparency and accountability. This should separate the pizza company from its former boss and founder.

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TeenSafe for the Safety of Parents and Teens

A recent feature on CBS 21 discusses the benefits of TeenSafe and how it can be utilized to keep teenagers protected. CBS 21 specifically talks about parents, Dave and Gina Daniel, who found it difficult to keep up with their children and the activities of their smartphones. Their awareness of the TeenSafe application eased many of their worries by solving most of the problems they seemed to be facing with their children’s use of the popular technological device. Some of the most important aspects of the phone the couple were concerned about were blocking applications that could be considered dangerous and eliminating the option to text others while driving. The Daniels were excited to learn that the TeenSafe application met both of these needs and put their minds at rest. Finally, the couple found a system that eases their minds while their children were out.


Like many parents, Dave and Gina Daniel struggle with the thought of their children having open access to the world with the click of a button on a small device. With a TeenSafe feature, the parents are provided the ability to block certain applications on their teen’s phone. For example, the couple blocked Snapchat after learning of the app’s new feature, SnapMap, that allows users to gain access to the precise location of others. This feature can be considered unsafe as potential predators can locate their children’s whereabouts through the application. The Daniels also used a TeenSafe feature to prevent their children from texting while driving. This feature is one the parents use to put their children’s mobile phones in a frozen mode while they are driving. With the freeze feature, the children are only capable of sending and receiving calls with their mobile phones, preventing them from dangerously sending and/or receiving text messages while driving. TeenSafe is an application that can be appreciated by both children and their parents because it, not only keeps the children safe, but grants parents peace of mind knowing that they have one less reason to worry when their children are out of sight.

32 years of Custom Companies’ success

The transport industry is very dynamic in the USA. The Custom Companies has however been able to be relevant for the thirty-two years it has been operational. The ISO certified (9001:2008) company has been able to show growth, diligence, and undisputable competence in their operations for the last thirty years. This explains the reason why as a company Custom Companies have remained the industry leader and definitely the trendsetter in the transport industry.

As a top rated company in the USA transport industry, the company has diversified areas of operations as well as the number of services. Some of the services the Custom Companies offers include truckload services, Air Freight (which includes both international and local), contract cartage, and mail (direct) distribution. The services are fast and reliability is synonymous with this company.

Why is Custom Companies’ the market leader in the competitive transport industry? First, the company has embraced technology in the past thirty years of existence. It is interesting to note that the company was one of the first transport companies to set up a website. Apart from setting up a website, the company has used technology in the daily operations and this has improved the efficiency and service delivery. Second, the company has the best customer-centered policies in the USA transport industry. The realization of the importance of the customer as a company has always streamlined Custom Companies’ daily routines. For a customer, the company has greatly simplified transport.

How does Custom Companies’ manage to be the customers trusted partner? First, the company operates 24 hours a day. This brings the convenience to the customer. Second, the company has one of the best and the most effective transport system. As a company, the shipment has fewer handlers and this is the dream of every transport client. Minimizing the shipment handlers means that there is less damage and this is the desire of every client. Third, the company has one of the best communication systems in the transport industry. A potential customer can easily make a call, send an email, or even communicate with the company through a text message.