Dr. Dov Rand: A Health and Beauty Specialist

The United States has a problem with obesity, and more people are becoming fat every year. Because of the obesity epidemic being felt in the United States today, doctors have warn that people should shift into a healthy lifestyle, because being obese would later on result to different diseases. Doctors blamed the dependency of most Americans to junk food and fast food as the main reason why the number of obese people are increasing. Health centers in the United States are multiplying because of the increasing demand for wellness, and one of those who benefits from the recent trend is Dr. Dov Rand, a New Jersey-based doctor who currently sits as the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange. He promised the public that his clinic specializes on procedures that would help someone lost weight, and because of the reputation of his clinic and his decades’ worth of expertise, people started to set up an appointment with him and know more about the available treatment for obesity.


One of the most popular procedures performed at his clinic would be the IV treatment. Obese patients will be injected with the prescribed medication, and all they have to do is to follow the instructions provided by Dr. Dov Rand and observe if there will be changes with the body for a few weeks. Most of the people who consulted him regarding their weight are now happy with their body’s condition. Because of the positive experiences that his previous patients had under his care, they started writing favorable reviews about him and his clinic and it became viral online. As more people knew about the available treatment at his clinic, Dr. Dov Rand started to become a small-time celebrity in his state. More and more people want the IV treatment for their obesity problems, and they are hoping that the medication developed by Dr. Dov Rand would become their answer.


Aside from the solutions for obesity, Dr. Dov Rand is also offering his patients a chance to counter the negative effects of menopause by increasing the body’s hormones. The treatment is available through setting up an appointment with the clinic.


An Investors Guide To The Galaxy: Stansbury Research Offers Publication Centered On Financial Strategy

To achieve success in financial investments, the best starting point is securing trusted advice from reputable and trusted sources. If you are like me, the finance sector is a bit like a foreign language, and navigating through the deep waters is a bit confusing. It is sometimes like handing a blueprint of an architectural masterpiece to a mechanic and expecting him or her to build it. Expert advisers have dedicated their education and careers to the studies of finance and trends, and know precisely what is current and trending for their products. There are no guarantees in life, of course. However, Firms like Stansbury Research create a publication offering the most current information on investments such as oil, biotechnology, and mining.


Stansbury Research is a publication focused on finance and investments. The company is staffed with professionals with diverse backgrounds, from Hedge Fund experts, to stockbrokers who have been featured in some of the largest and most reputable publications in the world today. Trust is something that is earned, and the financial sector is often met with skepticism. The experts at Stansbury Research understand this, and offer a free trial period for their services. The testimonials show the successes of the company, and individuals can decide if it is right for them.


Another important benefit of seeking the advice of Stanbury Research is their commitment to their clients. The company strives for long-term partnerships with their clients, without the get-rich-quick promises offered by some financial “experts”. The company is proud of their broad client base, with subscribers all over the globe.

The publication offered is backed by analytical research, with the most comprehensive statistics provided by professional financiers. With a range of subjects, the publication has a broad spectrum of information and should be considered an asset to many. Find out more about Stansbury Research by visiting their website today.

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Stansberry Research Examines Robert Kiyosaki’s Investment Edge

The Patient-First Physician: Jeffrey Aronin

Jeffrey Aronin is passionate about improving the life of his patients. His knowledge of bioscience and medicine can be used to help people in new and innovative ways. He uses that, and his appetite for understanding a patient’s needs, to fuel his hunger to come up with treatments that will make his patient’s lives better. Besides starting his own business and being the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeffrey Aronin has been an integral part of the approval and development of thirteen different medicines, a feat not reached by many.


Jeffrey Aronin is also the recipient of the 2017 Weizmann Award. This award is given to those in the healthcare community who have dedicated their research to helping others have a better life.


Through creative expertise in biotechnology, Jeffrey Aronin has assisted other biotech companies in helping patients who have unmet needs. The first step in making patient’s lives better is to determine which diseases have insufficient treatment plans that need to be addressed. Next, they can focus on the cause of the disease and what steps have not been taken yet. Then, the team decides which type of science they can use to improve the treatment. Finally, Jeffrey Aronin and his team establish companies that are focused on conducting clinical studies that will eventually make way to the regulation and increased knowledge of the new treatment. By doing this, Jeffrey Aronin and his team make treatment more accessible for patients.


Besides this ground-breaking method of bringing new medicines to the market, Jeffrey Aronin is also the founder of MATTER, a Chicago-based company that has facilitated the start of more than 200 companies who will be the future innovators in healthcare.


The Aronin Family Foundation is another way that Jeffrey Aronin puts the patient-first. This foundation supports patient rights and research for rare diseases that sometimes go unnoticed.


Facts About Arabian Tycoon Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani was born between 1952 and the year 1953. He is a wealthy person whose line of business involves property development. Hussain Sajwani also is the founder of DAMAC company that deals with real estate development, besides being the founder Sajwani is the chairman of the company.

Every year Forbes ranks companies from all over the world on the basis of the annual revenue growth and in the year 2017 DAMAC company emerged as the best in the list comprising of 2000 global companies.

In the year 2018 Hussain Sajwani has a worth of around $4 billion and in Forbes 2018 ranking he was the fourth richest Arab.

Early Life

Hussain Sajwani is a son of an entrepreneur. His father owned a shop that sold watches, parker pens, shirts and imports from China. He was privileged to get a chance to get a government scholarship to the US to parsue his dream caree


Sajwani first career was working in a gas industry where he worked from the year 1981. After two years in the company, he came up and implemented a catering venture idea called Global Logistics Services where he was able to get customers all over including Bechtel and the US army. The venture has been able to grow and is operational even today.

In the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC properties one of the largest companies in the Middle East that deals with the development of the property. Since the company was established it has been able to develop over 19000 apartments and over 44000 in the stages of development. Later on in the year, 2015 DAMAC Properties was listed in the Dubai Financial Market.

DAMAC Properties has been able to develop one of the biggest projects in the world such as golf course currently managed by Trump Organization, Paramount Hotels and Resort, Versace and Fendi interiors among other major projects.

Being listed among the top 100 influential Arab in the 2017 , Sajwani was able to invest 600 million Euros in London through an Aykon London One Tower which is branded by Versace.


Hussain Sajwani –DAMAC Foundation funded Dubai Future Foundation which was geared at providing training to millions of young people on developing software

Personal Life

Sajwani has married and has four children one being Ali Sajwani who was nominated in the Arabian Business Achievement award in 2017.


Ranked 15TH ON Hotelier Power 50

Property CEO of the year – Middle East award 2017

Real Estate Legend – Arabian Business Real Estate Award

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In His Heart: The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most popular personalities on television and radio today. He is the host of American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. While balancing many things on his plate the one project that is near and dear to his heart is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Here is what the foundation is about and what supporters do.

The main goal of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to help children who are in the hospital feel better by the use of entertainment. The specific places are known as Seacrest Studios. These places help kids get acquainted with what it is like to be on the radio or on television. There are ten such places across the United States so far.

Ryan Seacrest came up with the idea while he was having dinner with his family. He saw so many kids in the hospital and wanted to find a way to educate and entertain them. This was the genesis of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It is a totally non-profit and helps kids discover and learn about the entertainment industry. It is a simple way for kids as well as their parents to focus on things like having fun and being together no matter how long they are in the hospital.

The mission of the foundation is to get kids involved in something positive. The foundation belies that kids having access to the latest in technology for radio, TV, and social media can help children make positive choices and make the hospital experience more bearable for the children.

One of the goals of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is that kids can get hands-on experience with technology and new media. the foundation teams up with journalism schools in order to allow students to become interns at local stations. It allows kids to interview celebrities and focus on programs that they like to see.

This is the heart of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Helping kids heal through the medium of entertainment and stay positive throughout the process. It’s the one project Ryan Seacrest never tires of doing.

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Details on Equities First Holdings within Australia

Going over Equities First Holdings in Australia

When it comes to finding a good shareholder, there are a number of options for one to choose from. Some of those options do not seem very fitting or reliable to some and it can truly be hard to find a good shareholder when in a uprising business. While there are many to choose from, there are some decent companies that truly stand out when it comes to managing money and shareholding. Equities First Holdings would be one of these companies that many can agree, fit the criteria of a good shareholding company. Equities First Holdingsis is basically a provider of alternative shareholder financing.

This company has its own unique features and possibly certain advantages within it that many other shareholding companies do not have. This company is not just located within the US but a number of other countries including Australia. It is located in various regions of the world, expanding their business to bring aid to others who are in need of a good and reliable shareholding company. Though, it is recommended that people who are looking to get involved within this company have a basic knowledge of the shareholding business.

Southridge Capital Finance Team

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm located in Connecticut, founded in 1996. Stephen Hicks is the founder and CEO of the company, currently. Hicks sets a high standard for his team members to ensure the satisfaction of all the clients. The company has invested roughly 1.8 billion dollars into the growth of companies. The company also promotes volunteering within the community. Stephen Hicks along with his wife, created the non-profit Daystar Foundation. This organization supports multiple charities and philanthropic work. The Daystar Foundations focuses on the preservation, education, of health and arts. Southridge Capital has donated thousands of dollars each year to multiple charities.  You can visit southridge.com for more details.

Southridge Capital has a team of experts that allow the firm to provide the best advice possible. The company acts as an advisory as well as provide structured finance for its clientele in the private and public sector. The management team consists of five people, including CEO Stephen Hicks, all with various duties. Narine Persaud is the Controller and CFO, Laurence Ditkoff is the Director of Research as well as multiple other positions, Henry Sargent acts as the General Counsel, and Linda Carlsen as a member of the management team.

The company’s diverse group of team members with wide ranging expertise allows them to successfully develop extensive financial plans for customers. Multiple services are offered by Southridge Capital. Financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, as well as experience when working with mergers. Southridge Capital offers “outside the box” thinking the benefits its customers. Team members work closely with its clienteles creators in order to develop the best possible plan for the company. Each experience Southridge ensures that it is different based on the customer’s needs and overall goals. Each company requires something different and has different overall goals. Southridge bases its structure on clients current stock equity. Equity Purchase Agreements (EPA) are offered through Southridge. This allows clients to raise their capital based on their goals as a company. For more details check out southridge.com

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OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe As Part Of New Development Program

 OSI Group has time and again demonstrated that they are the company that sets the standards for the meat producing industry. The company started out as a small butcher shop in 1909 and now has grown to be one of the biggest meat producing and manufacturing companies in the entire world. The company offers a range of products and is continually trying to find ways in which they can develop and improve all that they have to offer.

One of the recent developments that the company underwent was with regards to the acquisition of Flagship Europe. The company is a division of Flagship Inc and is a company that offers a range of sauces and dressings in countries across the world. Flagship Europe, in particular, had undergone a number of developments when it decided to expand its services to the ‘to-go’ foods category.

The reason OSI Group decided to take over Flagship Europe was that they wanted to expand and enter into a new sector that they had previously not tapped into. The industry of meat production was already claimed by OSI, but the sauces and dressings market was still not something that OSI had begun selling in. The leaders at OSI thought that this would be a good step for the company to take, which would improve their reach and also be able to situate themselves in newer markets.

For Flagship Europe, the acquisition was something that they had been waiting for an incredibly long time. The company was looking for ways in which it could improve its functionality, and being acquired by a company as large as OSI was just another step towards that goal. This route will ensure that the Flagship Europe gets their constant supply of raw materials and foods through a trusted source without having to seek the help of multiple other companies and manufacturers for their goods that they offer. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

The acquisition was just one of the components of the development that OSI Group has seen during the past year. The company has been making a number of changes to its workings and has acquired a number of companies to improve their reach and the markets that they serve. The company has also been implementing several new implementations to improve the sustainability of the plants that carry out the manufacturing, and to make the processes a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly. OSI Group Expands Operations

Roberto Santiago Mall entrepreneurial venture

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is ranked as one of the largest mall businesses in Brazil. It took him two years to be constructed and established. It is based in Paraiba. Roberto Santiago was inspired to start the famous Manaira shopping mall after seeing an opportunity to introduce an alternative source of entertainment and a better shopping place. Initially, the large influx of people visited Paraiba to view and sport on the beaches.

The mall has become the most visited place by a large number of people both from the local community and foreign countries. It provides the best place to shop, bank, school, entertainment, and play. The Manaira Shopping Mall has a mezzanine and rooftop with various stalls and food court strategically fitted in the mall. Many people love the shopping place because of its location, ample parking and variety of products which are under the same roof.

The mall has an excellent number of entertainment options including the movie theatre that focuses more on the trending and most recent movies. It has cinemas fitted with 3D technology that makes it unique from other theaters in the nation. Manaira mall has a gaming ground that has a bowling alley. Furthermore, the mall has one of the largest halls in Brazil.

Domus Hall is located on the rooftop. It was officially opened in 2009. It has ample space to host conferences, theatrical concerts, receptions, ceremonies, trade fairs and exhibitions. Domus Hall can accommodate 8000 people while seated at a given time. It is well fitted with air-conditioners and soundproof. Additionally, the hall is well equipped with the high-quality sound instruments. The famous Domus hall has been a home for both local and international artists.

The mall has the best restaurants with different menu and budgets to host all the customers. The food courts provide a wide range of options from fast food to dining places including Waynes, Capital Steakhouse and Espaco Gourmet. They are best in producing delicacies for both local and international visitors.

The legendary and serial entrepreneur has another modern shopping center known as Mangeira beside Manaira. The two malls have been the pillar of his success. Even times of the economic unrest his realtor venture has proven to be stable and doing well. Roberto Santiago mall business has raised the social and economic aspects of the Joao Pessoa city.

The 58 years old entrepreneur was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. Roberto schooled in Pio X-Marist College and later obtained a degree in BA from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. After his studies, he worked at Café Santa Rosa and then left to fulfill his undying business interest to start a Cartonnage Company. After acquiring substantial profit from the carton sales, he ventured into real estate business.

How Todd Lubar Views The Baltimore Real Estate Market

According to Baltimore mortgage broker Todd Lubar, there are a number of trends in that cities real estate industry that people should be aware of. One of these trends he has noted is that property developers are increasingly turning many of Baltimore’s older buildings into updated structures featuring high-end residences including condos and apartments. This is in reaction to many millennials regarding Baltimore as a good place to live versus Washington D.C. The costs of living are lower in Baltimore, Lubar says, and it’s easy to take mass transit to jobs in D.C.

Todd Lubar has also said that the rate of unemployment in Baltimore is steadily decreasing and there are a number of jobs in the city. This has led to younger people moving to Baltimore to start their careers and buy their first homes. Wages are also increasing in this city which has led to more money being spent on activities such as eating out, going to movies, and other cultural types of things to do. For more details visit Crucnhbase.

Another big improvement in Baltimore in recent years is public transportation, Lubar says. People in the suburbs of Baltimore are now able to get to their jobs in a way that are replacing driving. This has saved people money on parking fees which has been spent in more productive ways.

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He is a leader in the industry and currently holds two positions. These are at two companies he founded, TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Legendary Investments. His role in the industry is to help people buy homes by handling their mortgages. He is one of the top mortgage producers in the region.

It’s been in the real estate industry that Todd Lubar has spent his the entirety of his professional career. He has said this was a result of his first job which was at a grocery store. He learned over the course of the year he spent doing this that he needed to apply himself in order to have a better career with ways of making a good living. Check out his website toddlubar.com

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