Perry Mandera and The Virtue of Helping Others By Providing Assistance and Livelihood

There are many virtuous acts that one can do today, but none of the acts done today by people can seem to match the charity and non-profit work that’s being done by Perry Mandera, the renowned and talked-about owner of The Custom Companies, Inc. Mr. Perry Mandera is no longer new in the transportation business, and the fact that he’s withstood the challenges of times by still surviving after thirty years of being business means that he probably knows something that could be fundamental to the growth of his charity program. Right now, one big focus of his time is by expanding such charity, which is called Custom Cares Charities.


Custom Cares Charities

The strong commitment to helping others and the passionate dedication to improving the lives of many people, including his family and his church, are the fuel of Mr. Mandera in starting Custom Cares Charities. This non-profit’s advocacy is to make sure that people will learn how to help others and those who need help have the avenue to get the assistance they require. There are many people today who want to help but don’t know where to start, so the fact that Mr. Mandera has started this organization means that he really does know how to bridge the gap between those who want to help and those who just need the support.


The Passion For Service

The desire of Mr. Perry Mandera to offer help the communities that he’s involved in could have started when at the young age he was already working for a company, offering his labor in exchange of a minimum wage. That to him was an excellent training to believe in something bigger than him and to respect the labor and service he could provide to a company. With such attitude, it may be safe and not a stretch to say that it drove him to build the company of his own and be a steward and help to those who also need jobs. Through Custom Cares Charities, Mr. Perry Mandera gives out a lot of money every year to help other people. With his company, he’s also helping many people by providing jobs (