The Reason Why Fabletics is Very Popular

Athleisure wear is a hugely popular trend right now and it’s only gaining momentum. More and more women are being seen wearing athletic gear for everyday wear, whether they have been or even have plans on going to the gym that day.

Let’s face it; athletic gear such as yoga pants and spandex tops are both supportive and comfortable, so why not wear them on the daily? We’re seeing it across all age groups, too. Everyone from high school and college students to soccer moms and grandmothers can be spotted sporting their favorite athleisure wear just about everywhere around town.

Evolution of Athleisure Wear

Now that athleisure wear is becoming more and more common, we’re starting to see clothing companies take it to the next level. One such company is Fabletics, co-founded by Hollywood starlet and entrepreneur Kate Hudson. Fabletics was founded in July 2013 and launched officially on October 1, 2013.

Then, in June 2015 a men’s active wear line called FL2 was launched in collaboration with Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson. Also in 2015, Fabletics went from an online shop to adding brick and mortar stores around the country according to a report from Wikipedia. Forbes Magazine reports that the company plans to continue, adding 75 to 100 more brick and mortar stores in the next one to two years.

Breaking New Ground

In a Marie Claire magazine interview, Kate describes some of the ways Fabletics is revolutionizing the way we dress. In her 2016 collection there are dresses that are made from athleisure textiles and include built-in bras for a little black dress that is comfortable, supportive and above all else: it looks fabulous!

You would never guess the sleek and flattering LBD was actually athleisure wear made to wear out for drinks and dinner. This is just one way that Fabletics is continuing to pioneer brand new ways to dress comfortably and look gorgeous doing it.

Citadel Founder Kenneth C. Griffin

People who understand the world of finance and economics are those who can help make the world a better place in many ways. Someone who knows how to use capital effectively is someone who can help others in many important ways. An effective capital manager can provide a business owner with the potential working capital they need to start an existing business or expand an existing one in some way. The manager can also help people use their savings in a way that will allow them the ability to grow such capital and provide for their needs to be able retire and pay all of their bills easily.

A person considered one of the world’s foremost capital managers is Kenneth C. Griffin. Ken Griffin has been able to demonstrate his capital management skills that have allowed him to become one of the world’s richest men. His work in this area has been almost unprecedented as he has done much to help expand the very notion of the ways in which capital can be used. His work has helped people all over the world have an impressive rate of return on the capital that they haven chosen to invest with him and his business ventures.

His present company is Citadel, widely considered one of the world’s leading fiscal institutions. Citadel was founded by Griffin in 1990 as part of his financial empire. Since that time, it has grow enormously in size and expanded into many parts of the world. Citadel has drawn kudos in many areas including that of helping to provide those working for the company with a workplace that is widely considered to be highly responsive to the needs of the workers who work for Griffin as well as for the clients who look to the company and their staffers for help in discovering new potential investments that may be ideal for their needs. The company presently employs more than fourteen hundred people. Citadel is headquartered in Chicago but has offices in many areas of the globe in order to help their staffers better assist their clients in tapping into global fiscal opportunity all across the world by those who are able to directly interact with skilled capital managers in other areas.

Griffin has been instrumental in providing the company that he runs with skilled leadership at all times that has enabled this hedge fund grow and expand into many areas of capital management. Under his supervision, the fund has grown to include the management of billions of dollars of capital from investors all across the world who look to the company to help them decide where to place their capital in order to help accumulate a large nest egg and have money they need on hand whenever they need it.