What End Citizens United Is and How It’s Fighting the Biased Political Funding

Just in case anyone asks, End Citizens United is a non-profit organization headquartered in the united states that concerns itself with rules governing campaign finance. The conservative 501© (4) organization in a case that came to be known as the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case, which made sure that the campaign spending became open to the public.

As a result of End Citizens United Movement, and thanks to the non-profit organization, the US politicians had become held accountable on how they choose to spend their political funding, which wasn’t the case before the Citizens United v. FEC which took place on January 21, 2010.

Apart from opening the campaign funding to the public, the supreme court ruling also allowed for billionaires to spend as much as they wanted in a bid to fund and therefore give their candidates of choice an upper hand in the elections.

As a result of this, many billionaires such as the Koch Brothers always try to use their power, money, and influence to tip the balance of political power in America. And truth be told, they aren’t the only ones at play. And it came to that point where the ordinary citizens were starting to feel as though they have no say in the elections.

This is where the End Citizens United Political Action sprung up in March 1st, 2015. It was clear that the citizens united had severe consequences as far as the campaign finance system was concerned and it needed immediate cleansing. Democrats are behind the End Citizens United Movement, and that explains why they are for supporting fellow Democrats.

The End Citizens United Movement has assembled a team of knowledgeable democratic veterans whose role is to disseminate information on the matter. They concern themselves with informing the nation of the dangers of having billionaires interfere in politics and how efficiently it can be stopped.

Putting an end to Citizens United will bring back the real power to the voters as it should be and that explains why the fight is significant not only to the Americans but also those who are running for public office but don’t have the financial ability. So how doesn’t the end citizens united movement get its funding?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward. From the look of things, not so many people were happy with how the billionaires and tycoons were handling and influencing the elections because they have money. So, they came together and offered to support the movement with as much as they can manage to contribute. To know more visit @: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/ click here.

And the more the FEC filings are made public, the more the movement gathers momentum since more people are informed of the dangers of allowing the citizens united to continue.