Talos Energy Partners With Pemex

Talos is an energy firm developed in 2012 by Timothy Dancun. It is a fast-growing organization that has opened career development in gas and oil exploration and corporate disciplines. The company offers a wide range of competitive advantages that are adaptable in the work programmes to advance the work life of its employees. Based on employee surveys, Talos energy is a great place to work in. The organization was ranked as the top workplace in Houston Chronicle top workplaces.

The association between Talos and Pemex defined a mechanism for them to work together if the subsistence of shared down payments is confirmed. They further explained that they would have a method of identifying the percentage of each party’s participation in any prospective development. The deal between the two firms lasting for two years allows each of the parties to share relevant ideas related to the recent Zama discovery to measure the possibility of extending Pemex. Therefore, the association will develop a working group with the aim of utilizing computer resources effectively to realize their defined objectives.

The acceptance of the evaluation plan by the National hydrocarbons commission was an important key that was needed to start development of the Zama discovery. It is currently checking the licenses that are necessary to begin the operations. The estimation shows that the Zama will be completed by mid-2019.

In an announcement by the Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Dancun, he said that they were delighted to achieve an essential step with their partners in Mexico. It was an outcome of the association with Pemex. The acceptance allowed them to keep a faster scheme of interests on the project to begin the performance.

The firm explains that the calculated advantage of its association is more than the current creation leases. Talos’ licensed vintage wide seismic will assist in the re-scheduling of the producing reservoirs and create more drilling expectations.

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What Makes Sheldon Lavin Uniquely Qualified To Head OSI Group?

In the late 1970s, Sheldon Lavin, a finance expert with a background in the banking and investment industry partnered with the founders of Otto & Sons Company to form OSI Group. Soon after, his contributions and capital injections into the new partnership saw him take over the control of the meat processing and distribution company. He now serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the group. But what makes him uniquely qualified to head the global food processor:


Sheldon Lavin has in the last four decades instituted more innovative strategies than the previous company management. For instance, he came up with the technological upgrade strategy that saw all of the manufacturer’s processing plants upgrade their factory technologies. He also drafted the ambitious expansionary plan that helped the food processing company break into the international meat market through mergers, acquisition, and strategic partnerships.

Great organization skills

When Otto & Sons first engaged Sheldon Lavin, they needed his help in getting the company’s operations in order. They needed help in restructuring finances. He would, however, exhibit his great organization skills during this time by helping keep more than the company’s accounts in order.

In restructuring the finances and helping the company get back to profitability, he would touch on every aspect of its operation that affected profitability. He reorganized the factory processes through technology upgrade and sought new markets through aggressive marketing campaigns both locally and internationally.

Industry experience

The short stint in the banking and investment industry had exposed Sheldon Lavin to the different business models. It had also taught him a great deal on what it takes to run a successful multinational business. Applying this cross-industry experience at OSI Industries has gone a long way in helping the company achieve an international status. More importantly, it helped the brand make to the list of most influential meat processing and distribution companies globally as well as on the Forbes Top 100 Private Companies.

Bottom line

In the four decades that Sheldon Lavin has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, he has helped it achieve unimaginable heights. His visionary leadership and great organizational skills have proven to be just what the brand needed to tear into the international markets.

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly Shares Some Info During His Latest Interview

Having retired from high-level positions on Wall Street, including being a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly now spends his days helping regular Americans make lots of money by investing in stocks he recommends in Profits Unlimited. He recently sat down for an interview with Eric Dye of Enterprise radio. He shared how investing has really changed over the past 25 years and what first time investors often do wrong. He also touched on initial public offering that are worth following and some of the entrepreneurs he finds to be pretty admirable.

Paul Mampilly started out the interview by noting that he has a proven track record when it comes to investing. He has been successfully helping them for the past seven years. He had worked as an analyst on Wall Street, ran a trading desk, and made the investment decisions for a hedge fund manager. He puts in a lot of work each day figuring out what companies are poised for enormous growth.

He says he can spend 12 to 14 hours each day reading materials in order to make informed investment decisions because that’s what it takes to get things right. He also tracks the stocks that his subscribers have indicated interest in and the ones that are on his watch list.

Computers and the internet have changed quite a bit about investing and Wall Street, just like it has affected just about every other industry. Trades that used to be done by humans are now being done by artificial intelligence. These advanced AIs track stock prices and use the same information as other investors use. When Paul Mampilly started out it was only the largest investment firms that used computers but now even the smallest investors do so.

Paul Mampilly says that the initial public offering he has been most closely following is that of Spotify. He finds it interesting because they did a “public listing” which means they didn’t raise money when their stock was listed on the market. What this meant was that their early investors wanted to sell their stock instead of the company deciding to raise capital. If more companies do this than Wall Street is going to lose a lot of power he says.

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José Auriemo Neto And How He Put JHSF At The Top

As he grew up, José Auriemo Neto managed to display his leadership skills when he the International Youth Coexistence in Japan. He also lived with Nelson Pessoa Filho where he learnt horse-riding. By the age of 17, Jose Auriemo Neto was already working within company, but in the same year, he gained more interest in being involved in the daily operation of the business in JHSF instead of continuing with university in Sao Paulo.

During the 90s, JHSF ventured more into incorporation as a form of business and looking back at that, it was worth it since approximately 90% of profits gained by JHSF are from this. During the time of this change, JHSF became a part of projects such as Punta del Este in Uruguay. But the main focus over the years has been on shopping malls and shopping centers.

In the early years of the 2000s, Jose Auriemo Neto realized that high-income incorporation markets yielded more production. JHSF then invested in Parque Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. The development consisted of malls, residentials and commercial zones too. After this venture, JHSF joined stock exchange in Sao Paulo.

Towards 2010, JHSF ventures into the world of retail selling. They signed deals with Pucci, Hermes and even Jimmy Choo and this put JHSF on the map since all the brands did not have pre-existing stores in Brazil. The company became so good at retail selling that Jose Auriemo Neto was honored in the Business of Fashion annual list of most influential individuals in the fashion industry.

In 2012, JHSF signed another deal with Valentino as well. Despite the drop in retail luxury shopping in 2016 and 2017, JHSF managed a 2.3% growth annually. In February of this year JHSF entered the IPO market with a stock offering of up to $1 billion. In July, the company negotiated minority interests in Shopping Bela Vista in Salvador, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo and the Ponta Negra in Manaus successfully raising a cool R $640 million.

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OSI Industries Is Improving Food Quality For A Variety Of Fast Food Chains

OSI Industries has made a number of acquisitions recently and one of those was of Baho Foods. The company will allow for the expansion of OSI Foods throughout the European market. It will allow for OSI Industries to be able to expand their client base and the growing demands of the big food industry there in Europe.

With the expansion, John Balvers will remain in control of the management team and will learn from the team of leaders with OSI how to implement the tasks set forth with OSI. They will be taught how to build better future plan and how to use that plan to become the best that they can for larger growth.

John Balvers was pleased to become a part of the team at OSI. When he was asked about his position within the new company, John went on to say that he knew he was in good hands as he begins to work with new management leaders and with those who he has already maintained a working relationship with. He has a strategy to use to help the business meet it’s goals long term.

The leaders at OSI Industries have been seeking ways to expand out to other areas of the food industry. They have been looking into various plants around the globe to try and expand the number of customers they can reach and to expand the types of food to provide to their customers.

OSI Industries has been a leader in the food market for a while. They began originally in a small meat shop in the suburb of Chicago. They then went into business to provide quality meats to a small number of fast food chains and then expanded out from there. That small meat shop is no longer small and is no longer just meats. With the expansion, OSI Foods is now able to provide convenience foods along with condiments and sides. They provide foods for Starbucks, McDonald’s and even Taco Bell. There is no stop in the number of places they will provide quality food items to and for in the food industry.

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Alex Hern: The Brain Behind The Evolution Of Augmented Reality (AR)

For more than 25 years, Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur, mainly focusing on first phase companies and the evolution of technology companies. He has served as a director for Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) which he co-founded, and the company has been driving and providing the search technology base for MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.

Herns also co-founded and directed an email-based web directory company by the name Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO (YESM). YESM was ten months later to go public and bought by CMGI, currently known as ModusLink Global Solutions for a payment of $650 million. Mr. Herns is also the co-founder of the Lockheed and L-3 funded technology commercialization incubator, labeled Military Commercial Technologies. He also served as the director and CEO of Military Commercial Technologies.

Other Companies that Mr. Herns has Co-founded and served as Director Include, ArcSight, a cybersecurity company that went public and was bought by Hewlett-Packard for $1.5 billion. Herns Co-founded and later sold CloudShield, Network Security Company to SAIC a technology and Engineering Company. Herns previously served as a member of the board and founder of NewHomes.com in addition to Triton Network Systems (TNSI). Herns is also a board member of Zero-Knowledge Systems whose current name is Radial Point.

Tsunami XR, Herns most recent project brings technological advancement best known for propelling Augmented Reality. Augmented reality or cross reality is a real-world environment interactive experience, where the objects existing in the real world develop by perceptual information generated by computers at times across numerous sensory processes. Augmented Reality (AR) is ultimately the real-world reality but with an overlap.

AR now encompasses all previously identified reality technologies, integrating and harmonizing them to improve them lending AR as the future. At the current time, no programmer has been able to achieve the intricacy that AR presents in clarity. The success that AR has achieved is leading to a shift from the previous alignment to gamers to now including other businesses in its use. Major companies in aerospace, health science, and manufacturing firms are encouraged by the flexibility that AR is presenting in addition to the potential cost savings, and this is driving business in Tsunami XR.

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Randal Nardone Brings Investment Expertise

Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone continues to bring investment expertise to the global investment market community. Named to Forbes Magazine’s World Billionaires List for 2007. Nardone is committed to preserving elite position for Fortress Investment Group through quality investment advice and customer service. He is proud of his English and Biology background from the University of Connecticut coupled with an advanced degree from Boston University School of Law. This background has enabled Randal Nardone to contribute technical comprehensive advice for Fortress specialty areas. The Fortress portfolio bears out the expertise of its’ co-founder.

Mr. Nardone possesses a substantive corporate background. Along with tenure at Fortress Investment Group, Nardone holds position as Chief Operating Officer & Secretary at Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc., a Member at FOE II (New) LP and as Secretary & Vice President at Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp. He is on the Board of Directors at Springleaf REIT, Inc., Florida East Coast Railway Corp., Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. and Seacastle, Inc. His corporate profile extends to prior positions as Managing Director, UBS, and principal for BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Randal Nardone began his career in the field of law – with position as partner and executive committee member at law firm Thacher Proffitt & Wood.

Randal Nardone also finds the time for corporate philanthropy, though both personal time and corporate donation. He feels committed to the corporate: philanthropic link that investment responsibility brings – Fortress has contributed to local concerns for community involvement, its’ staff and management structure incorporate philanthropy efforts into the business model. Not only does Fortress and Nardone elevate philanthropy, the values for integrity and best practices carry forward as well. Prospective clients are invited to peruse the Fortress Investment Group website for investment advice current to today’s corporate and personal investor.

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Freedom Checks: A Path To Energy And Financial Independence

Geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali is the man who introduced Freedom Checks to average investors. As a geologist, he talked with many CEOs of large companies and learned about the business aspect of the natural resource sector. He learned that “Master Limited Partnerships” were the companies that were able to pay Freedom Checks to their shareholders. Most MLPs are involved in operations in domestic natural resources, primarily oil and gas. These companies were established in a way that the United States could eventually achieve energy independence.

Many individuals believed that Freedom Checks were a brand-new investing strategy when they first viewed the sensational ad created by Matt Badiali explaining the investment. Investing n MLPs has been used by skilled investors who understand the tax code. In 1987 Congress wanted to create more jobs, increase economic growth and to lower dependence from foreign oil. They passed legislation which enables MLPs to function without paying income taxes. In return for this special treatment, these companies had to produce resources domestically and pay their shareholders substantial dividends. MLPs pass along some of their tax privileges to their shareholders. Investors of MLPs are not required to pay any dividends on the Freedom Checks they receive, which makes them some of the most lucrative investments out there. Once an investor chooses the appropriate Master Limited Partnership to invest in they will start to receive distributions on a quarterly or a monthly basis.

Matt Badiali is pushing Freedom Checks for more than just high dividends. He also feels that the share prices of some MLPs will shoot up from current levels. He is anticipating that many oil companies in the US are going to have to focus more on domestic oil production because of all the turmoil that takes place in the Middle East. He feels that oil prices are going to rise and increase the profitability in MLPs. When this happens, they will pay even higher dividends to their shareholders and the share prices will reflect that the company profits have gone up tremendously. There are currently over five hundred companies that trade on the major US stock exchanges that are MLPs.

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GreenSky Credit creates transformative lending platform

GreenSky Credit is becoming more widely known by the day for its towering success in the retail lending business. The name comes from the company’s mission to help homeowners make environmentally friendly renovations to their homes. Yet, the company has been able to branch out into many different sectors. Today, GreenSky Credit has more than 17,000 retailers located across the country that are pitching its loans to millions of customers each year. And this has sent the value of the company soaring to an estimated $5 billion, making it one of the most important players in the fintech space.

Creating something from nothing

Although GreenSky isn’t revolutionizing any industry, the company has created a transformative product. GreenSky Credit’s lending platform uses highly innovative and effective proprietary technology to connect customers who need instant loans at the point of sale to some of the biggest and most trusted lenders in the country.

Through doing this, the firm is able to grease the wheels of each industry in which it operates, creating billions of dollars in additional business that simply never would have materialized without the help of the company.

This can be most readily seen in the home improvement industry where the company has been able to create as much as $4 billion in additional sales each year for the nation’s home improvement retailers and on-site contractors. When customers experience sticker shock for the estimate on a home renovation or they simply don’t have enough money to complete their desired projects, the company steps in with truly instantly approved loans of up to six-figure amounts.

These loans often have among the most favorable terms possible, with most requiring no payments or interest for the first year of the loan. This is made possible because the average GreenSky borrower has a FICO score of 760, making the vast majority of the company’s customers prime borrowers. And these prime borrowers are extremely attractive customers for the top lenders in the nation. Because of this, the company has been able to easily forge partnerships with the country’s most trusted banks. At the end of the day, every party to GreenSky transactions walks away a winner.


How Talos Energy And Stone Energy Merger Would Benefit The Two Companies

The $1.9 billion merger between Stone Energy Corp. and Talos Energy, LLC is almost complete, and the new company’s name will be Talos Energy, Inc. It will be based in Huston, Texas with support staff in Lafayette, Louisiana and New Orleans. The new company will consist of ten of Board Directors with Talos producing six and the rest four from Stone Energy Corporation. However, Timothy S. Duncan, the current Chief Executive Officer of Talos will remain in the same capacity. The merger’s main agenda was to combine the two of them and come up with one reliable company. Board of Directors of both companies met in 2017 and agreed to merge the two companies. In the New York Stock Exchange, the new company will be recognized through the name, TALO, the ticker symbol.

Each share of Stone Energy would exchange with one share of Talo. Inc. In other words, the shareholders of Stone Energy will maintain the same number of their shares after the merger. However, the ownership of the new company will not be equal because Talos will have 63 percent while Stone the remaining 37 percent. In his appreciation remarks, the Stone Energy Chairman, Neal P. Goldman noted that the process would benefit the shareholders. The reason was that the company had announced to them that it would undergo some strategic review processes and the idea of having Talos was a blessing.

Additionally, the new Talos Energy Inc. would have a healthy workforce and enough money to run its business successfully

Timothy S. Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, pointed out that the new company would attract more investors and the merger was a good chance for the two companies. The merger would strengthen their quest to compete in the Gulf of Mexico. The company also planned to diversify to the U.S Gulf of Mexico and Zama Oil Location. Duncan added that the two companies had a chance to be the leaders in production and exploration because of the combined balance sheet, technical resources, and talent. The combination would speed up development of new inventions and increase exploration and transactional opportunities.

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