‘Destiny’ Community Reaches 20 Million

‘Destiny’ is one of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one consoles. Many people play ‘Destiny’ to find new weapons and armor. However, over the last several months, destiny hasn’t had any new content added to it. The gameplay and experience has quickly turned into an unbearable venture. For some reason though, gamers are still flocking to ‘Destiny,’ and it was recently reported that over 20 million people play the game.

Gaming websites once stated that ‘Destiny’ would quickly dwindle in terms of popularity. It appears that so-called experts have no idea what they’re talking about. On May 6, 2015, Bungie showed the world exclusive gameplay of the new ‘House of Wolves’ DLC. Millions of gamers were extremely impressed and excited when they saw some much-needed additions to the game.

The developers of ‘Destiny’ realize that gamers have been playing the same stages over and over for the last year. Bungie promises to deliver an extremely versatile and new experience when the ‘House of Wolves’ DLC is released. New weapons, armor, and stages will be coming soon.

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