Dr. Rod Rohrich the great surgeon

Rod J. Rohrich is a celebrated plastic surgeon. He offers lectures on plastic surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as a Professor. Dr. Rod Rohrich possesses unique artistic skills in surgery whereby he helps his patients restore youthfulness in their human body and face. He has showcased great determination in achieving the personal satisfaction of his patients. As a result, he has been termed as an exemplary plastic surgeon in the United States professionally and as an individual. Dr. Rohrich will be in attendance at various symposia in 2018. Here, he will give public lectures based on his expertise.

The first conference to be held will be in Miami on 8-10 February. Known as Baker Gordon Education Symposium. The conference will cover on technological advances made and cosmetic surgery. This is one of the significant surgery symposia in the U.S which takes back to 1967 when Thomas Baker introduced cosmetic surgery. During the conference educational lecture will be provided and participants will observe live surgeries performed by various surgeons. Dr. Rod Rohrich will be the chief moderator and also will participate in panel discussions.

There are also two other symposia taking place in Dallas. They include; the Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery on February 28-March and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Medical Meeting on 2nd-3rd March 2018. He is expected to chair both meetings. Areas of discussion will include current innovation in vaginal rejuvenation, skin-tightening, lasers, and dermal fillers. He will also discuss; IPL, ethics, social marketing, and maintaining patients’ safety. As for the Rhinoplasty Meeting, he will touch on the common challenges encountered in rhinoplasty surgery such as revision and new innovations made in the field.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a certified plastic surgeon and a founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery in University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre where he practices surgery and also teaches medical surgery. He acquired his undergraduate at the University of North Dakota as well as his postgraduate degree. However, Rohrich obtained his medical degree from Baylor University. Additionally, he attended several medical schools such as University of Michigan (Residencies), Oxford University (pediatric surgery training) and also completed his microvascular and hand fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital.