Jeff Aronin Leads Paragon Bioscience Into the Future

When Paragon Bioscience CEO Jeff Aronin was quoted as saying “Problems people have deemed unsolvable are the problems we are solving” he was also speaking on behalf of a company that is uniquely poised to deliver dynamic biomedical innovation in the coming years — Paragon Bioscience. Paragon Bioscience, through its time-tested philosophy of pushing the limits of what is considered medically possible, has grown to one of the more successful companies in the biotech industry.

The success of Paragon Bioscience is a testament to their bold vision for the field of bioscience as well as their willingness to give back to the community. In addition to their work improving the lives of patients, Paragon Bioscience is also active in the philanthropic arena focusing particularly on four key areas: advancing science, ending the disease state, improving education, and building community.

Leading such a dynamic, involved, and growing company takes an experienced CEO who is not afraid of a challenge: That’s where Jeff Aronin comes in. Jeff Aronin has led Paragon Biosciences since 2010 and has brought his advanced knowledge of strategic and business development to the forefront during his tenure which has brought growth to the company. Jeff Aronin’s approach to leading the company has been filled with decisions that may be considered outside-the-box, but it has also widely successful. Unlike most biotech companies Paragon Biosciences, under Aronin’s leadership, has focused first and foremost on patient need and delivering quick and reliable results on behalf of the patient.

Jeff Aronin brings to Paragon Biosciences over 20 years of experience and has led the charge towards healthcare innovation and developing functional biotechnology. Jeff Aronin’s success at Paragon Biosciences has brought in a diverse group of professionals into the fold, each bringing with them their own sets of expertise that they can lend to the company. With Aronin leading the charge it’s easy to see why Paragon Biosciences received the Partners in Progress Award from Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America in October of 2017, and it’s a safe bet to assume more awards may be on the way.