Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Product Growing in Global Popularity

Talk Fusion is a company that provides a valuable all-in-one video marketing solution for businesses from all over the globe. Since they first launched in 2007, they have developed innovative products that are loved by both individuals and businesses. Unlike other companies in the industry, Talk Fusion doesn’t spend huge amounts on marketing and advertising. Rather, they rely on independent associates in over 140 countries to spread the word about their communications solutions and show their full power to potential clients.

The Video Chat app created by Talk Fusion has been highly successful. A report by Business For Home shows that it is rapidly becoming a popular choice among those looking for an innovative communication program in many countries. According to data from AppBrain, an Android Market discovery tool that measures the popularity of apps in various categories, Video Chat is the #1 communication app among users in Indonesia. It is in 5th position in Japan and 20th in Switzerland.

Those who use Video Chat can understand why it has become so popular just a few weeks after it was officially launched. It is easier to use, faster and has smarter features than similar applications on the market today. Video Chat can be used to communicate with other users from around the globe and is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as Windows PCs, Mac, as well as Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. By being compatible with such a wide range of devices, Video Chat has captured the interest of many new users.

Talk Fusion has been able to build a lot of momentum around their products and this surge in interest shows that they’re not slowing down. The company is currently preparing to launch a 30-day free trial of their products, which has attracted considerable attention from people all over the world. Their website has received a big jump in the amount of unique visitors and has climbed by over 30,000 positions on the Alexa web ranking.

Those interested in the Video Chat app can get it for free through both the iTunes and Google Play mobile stores.