Serge Belamant: Inventor of the First Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant, native to France and raised in South Africa, has had a colorful career in the world of cryptocurrency. It all began during his time at Witwatersrand University where he demonstrated a keen interest in the fields of Engineering and Computer Information Systems. It is an interest that eventually inspired the creation of several patented financial transaction technologies, and the culmination of these patents is the foundation of the world’s first blockchain debit card.

Serge Belamant founded Nordisk Mobiltelefon, now called Net1, in 2003 to pursue the realization of his patents. This blockchain debit card, also called a smart card, is a revolution in banking technology. It is a revolution that has allowed for the benefits of centralized banking to reach economically underdeveloped areas that formerly lacked the necessary infrastructure for conventional banking services.

Smart cards have the unique feature of processing transactions offline. The individual identities are encoded into the inbuilt memory of the blockchain card, and the onboard microchip allows for biometric verification of that identity. Whenever one of these cards interacts with an online ATM or a point of sale Terminal (POS Terminal), the account is updated at the centralized computing mainframe.

Serge Belamant and his company Net1, have taken advantage of a unique opportunity. Third world countries with a weak economy have not been desirable investments for most banks. The high-priced overhead and the low incomes of the potential clients have made the projected profit margins negligible and prohibitive. Serge Belamant’s smart card negates the need for much of this infrastructure. This decreases the cost and increases the profit margins. Due to this innovation, new markets have opened, and previously untouched rural neighborhoods are experiencing a financial renovation that was once considered an unrealistic dream.

In recent times, Serge Belamant officially stepped down from the CEO position, but his services have been retained in the form of an advisory role. The work continues, and Net1 has expanded its services through government contracts. It is now one of the primary mediums for South Africa’s social welfare programs, and additional countries are on the horizon.

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What you should know about Wes Edens

When talking of Fortress Investment Group, you cannot fail to mention Wes Edens because he has been one of the main principals running the company. Although Wes started his career from a humble background, he has worked hard to become successful. He is an entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot of things and even owns sports teams. He is one of the main founders of Fortress Investment Group which has become one of the largest global alternative asset management companies. He owns FlyQuest and Milwaukee Bucks. His foundation in business began when he attended the Oregon State University and studied Business Administration and Finance. The prestigious institution enabled him to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed to work in the financial sector which has become competitive nowadays. When he graduated in 1984, he launched his career by joining Lehman Brothers and served for several years. He later went to work for BlackRock where he earned the position of managing director.

While working at BlackRock, he was also the head of the investment department. He showcased outstanding leadership skills at the company and learned a lot in the sector of private equity. Wes Edens has also worked at Infrastructure where he was the chairman for several years. Then he was ready to start a company. He knew the skills and experienced he had acquired would help him in running a company successfully. He met great entrepreneurs like Randal Nardone, and they started a company called Fortress Investment Group that would later become a successful company. Others are Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman and Edward. They have worked together as a team to make Fortress Investment Group successful.

Wes Edens has been recognized for his dedication to change the financial world. He has been recognized by Wall Street which is a famous publication. Other entrepreneurs have praised him for being creative and fostering innovation in his endeavors. The company began as private equity, but the leaders in 2007 agreed to make it public. They sold shares to the general public, and since then Wes Edens has managed to foster its growth. Today it is a global organization.


Jim Toner Shares The Secretes Behind His Success

Jim Toner is an experienced entrepreneur come a real estate investor. Jim has been working towards helping people establish a bright feature financially. The situation where by people lost millions of money in the real estate, and their retirement accounts making them lose hope for the future prompted him to do so. However, Jim blames the people for making wrong decisions around the market, resulting to the loss of a lot of wealth.

Jim toner’s success has been a journey with tough experiences and frequent unfortunate events. Having gone through tough experiences and finally making it, Jim Toner has stood out to share his secretes. He said that a person’s attitude is very significant, as it plays a great role when it comes to investing in real estates. He said that your attitude in the real estate market is defined by how you view the economy.

Jim Toner said that ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people in business also matters, as it can help you grow significantly in your business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the entire world have a story of having collaborated with different people with different knowledge and experience in their respective fields. A good example of such entrepreneurs includes Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

According to Jim, increasing in value as a person goes hand in hand with increase in you income. However, for you to become a valuable person in life, then you have to work hard. Jim Toner attributes his success to working hard which he says he realized early enough. He also said that when he realized he wanted to become more valuable by working hard, he began by working on himself through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual exercises. He said that for you to make tremendous changes in your life financially, good physical condition is mandatory.

Jim Toner firmly believes that for you to become rich, it is a must that you behave like the rich. He said a person with the desire to become rich must carry out his operations from the same place with the rich, as this result to the creation of a rich way of life.

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Rodrigo Terpins: A Successful Balance Between Sports of Corporate Affairs

Rodrigo Terpins’ name is a common entity in the Brazilian sports fraternity, especially motorsport. His love for adrenaline has driven him to the highest ranks as far as rally competitions are concerned. Having competed severally in the local and international championships as a Brazilian, Rodrigo Terpins has coined a name for himself in the country. His life in the motorsport industry started soon after completing his university Education from the University of Sail Hilaire.


After completing his Business Management courses at the university, he worked for 16 years at Lojas Marisa where his prowess in management was evidenced as he rose to the position of the corporation’s president, a position he opted to let go in 2007 to develop other parts of his life ambitions. Rodrigo Terpins’ main career revolves around the rallies, but still maintains some level of white collar engagements. For instance, he holds executive positions in companies including his own T5 Participacoes which he founded in 2008.


Rodrigo Terpins is also savvy as far as the need for environmental conservation is concerned. As the founder and chair of Floresvale, he has been actively involved in the development of ideas which harness environmental resources such as forests in a manner that promotes environmental conservation and preservation. Floresvale utilizes trees from the environment reasonably and sustainably, thereby serving as a leader in Brazil’s environment conservation mechanisms.


An overview of his day-to-day operations shows that Mr. Terpins is not only productive but also highly engaged with official and non-official duties relating to his work in the office and the safari rally. However, his hands-on approach to most of his duties gives him a platform to bring most of his ideas to reality whenever needed. Being self-aware gives him the required level of interconnectedness that makes him obtain the necessary resources required for making his corporate and sports life a success. Check out





Despite his streak of successes, he has previously had some minor failures which, according to his philosophy, have served to advise him to become a better person in the corporate world. Undoubtedly, Rodrigo Terpins puts in lots of effort to make a highly needed balance between managing his corporate and sporting personalities.



Guilherme Paulus: An Award-Winning Entrepreneur With Style

Guilherme Paulus Is an entrepreneur who has a style of business that has helped him become tremendously successful. It has also helped him create a well-known company. His style is best described as hard working and being an innovator.

Innovation & Taking Social Responsibility Is His Style

Guilherme Paulus Is the creator of one of the largest travel operators in South America. His company CVC was launched in 1972, and for over 40 years he has played a critical role in growing the agency, which started off as a small operation in Santo Andre. One of the reasons Guilherme Paulus was able to grow its portfolio of products is because he is a big believer in innovation, and he was always willing to go the extra mile for consumers. For instance, CVC is known for doing more than simply offer a traditional package.

The businessman also incorporates social responsibility into the way he runs things. For over 10 years, CVC has shown support for the Doctor Klaide Care & Education Institution, which is located where CVC’s headquarters are located- Santo Andre. He and his company supports PIET, which is a project that teaches younger people, who are at risk of social for social vulnerability, how to act in the tourism industry. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

Guilherme Paulus: An Award-Winning Entrepreneur With Vision

Just over a year ago, Guilherme Paulus was chosen by a widely read magazine as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” That magazine is IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine, which Paulus graced the cover of when he was chosen. Shortly after appearing on the cover, he received the actual award at an event that hosted other entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur has vision and a lot of ambition. In 2006, he bought Webjet. He grew the company and then sold it to Gol in 2011. If you would like to learn more about this Brazilian businessman, feel free to visit his company’s website.

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The 2017 entrepreneur of the year, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has been Chairman of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. since October 2003 and is credit for spearheading many economic strategies that have had a positive effect on the Brazilian economy. Earning a degree in business, Mr. Paulus would move on to accomplish many positive things and touch lives of many people throughout his professional career. A career spanning almost five decades, Guilherme has been involved in many economic development strategies and has spent 20 years working with IBM. This diverse business career has allowed Mr. Paulus to be able to grow his firm to be one of the most successful in the world. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is the employer of more than 3,200 citizens and does business with over 1,000 suppliers. CVC has grown to have 209 points of sale with offices throughout Brazil and other South American countries (Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay) and in Europe. Guilherme Paulus cofounded the tourism firm back in 1972 along with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. In 2009, Carlyle Group announced the purchase of 63.6% of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., a deal worth $420 million. Carlyle Group is a private equity company and there are plans to take CVC public in 2018.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts after investing in hotels and resorts. Today the hotel and resort company controls over 15 hotels and resorts all around Brazil. Mr. Paulus is currently eyeing land to expand GJP hotels to include areas around Brazil’s airports. In 2013, Guilherme Paulus would join the prestigious Forbes list of billionaires an accomplishment reached by few businessmen and entrepreneurs. That same year, in 2013, Guilherme would also become Chairman of the Board of Directors of CVC Turismo. Since 1974, after his then partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari sold his portion of the company, Mr. Paulus has continued to expand and grow the firm into being with the top ten tourism company in the world.

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IC Systems Has Maintained Its Long Held Core Beliefs That Stretch Back 80 Years:

IC Systems was founded in 1938, and this year it proudly celebrates 80 years in business. It is a family run business, and it was originally founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson. For many of those years, the company was located in Saint Paul, MN until the offices were moved to Vadnais Heights in 1982.


The company manages accounts receivables for their clients. The husband and wife team started with only a few clients in the early days. They worked together building the business until 1952, when Jack passed away. Ruth Erickson then became the driving force in her commitment to continuing the business. The company had grown over the years due to their hard work and commitment. She became the President of IC Systems after her husband’s death. The company handles the collection activities for past due accounts. Ruth Erickson was determined to lead the company as it had always been run in terms of offering the highest level of ethical and honest business standards. She never wavered from her core values, and the company was thriving under her leadership.


IC Systems is one of the leaders in the accounts receivable industry today. The company utilizes state of the art equipment and software that is crucial in the function of result driven collection activities. They are known as innovators in the industry, and they were amongst the first to computerize their accounts receivable business. The collection efforts are handled by fully trained representatives who know how to get the job done with integrity. From the moment a collection letter or call is initiated, the company is bound by rigorous industry standards and their own.


Today it is the son of Jack and Ruth, John Ericsson, Jr. who leads the family business as capably as his parents did before him. The family commitment to the community of being the trusted name in accounts receivables management remains as strong today as it did 80 years ago. For the third time, IC Systems was recognized for their ethical business practices as a finalist of the highly respected BBB Torch Awards for ethics.


32 years of Custom Companies’ success

The transport industry is very dynamic in the USA. The Custom Companies has however been able to be relevant for the thirty-two years it has been operational. The ISO certified (9001:2008) company has been able to show growth, diligence, and undisputable competence in their operations for the last thirty years. This explains the reason why as a company Custom Companies have remained the industry leader and definitely the trendsetter in the transport industry.

As a top rated company in the USA transport industry, the company has diversified areas of operations as well as the number of services. Some of the services the Custom Companies offers include truckload services, Air Freight (which includes both international and local), contract cartage, and mail (direct) distribution. The services are fast and reliability is synonymous with this company.

Why is Custom Companies’ the market leader in the competitive transport industry? First, the company has embraced technology in the past thirty years of existence. It is interesting to note that the company was one of the first transport companies to set up a website. Apart from setting up a website, the company has used technology in the daily operations and this has improved the efficiency and service delivery. Second, the company has the best customer-centered policies in the USA transport industry. The realization of the importance of the customer as a company has always streamlined Custom Companies’ daily routines. For a customer, the company has greatly simplified transport.

How does Custom Companies’ manage to be the customers trusted partner? First, the company operates 24 hours a day. This brings the convenience to the customer. Second, the company has one of the best and the most effective transport system. As a company, the shipment has fewer handlers and this is the dream of every transport client. Minimizing the shipment handlers means that there is less damage and this is the desire of every client. Third, the company has one of the best communication systems in the transport industry. A potential customer can easily make a call, send an email, or even communicate with the company through a text message.

An Investors Guide To The Galaxy: Stansbury Research Offers Publication Centered On Financial Strategy

To achieve success in financial investments, the best starting point is securing trusted advice from reputable and trusted sources. If you are like me, the finance sector is a bit like a foreign language, and navigating through the deep waters is a bit confusing. It is sometimes like handing a blueprint of an architectural masterpiece to a mechanic and expecting him or her to build it. Expert advisers have dedicated their education and careers to the studies of finance and trends, and know precisely what is current and trending for their products. There are no guarantees in life, of course. However, Firms like Stansbury Research create a publication offering the most current information on investments such as oil, biotechnology, and mining.


Stansbury Research is a publication focused on finance and investments. The company is staffed with professionals with diverse backgrounds, from Hedge Fund experts, to stockbrokers who have been featured in some of the largest and most reputable publications in the world today. Trust is something that is earned, and the financial sector is often met with skepticism. The experts at Stansbury Research understand this, and offer a free trial period for their services. The testimonials show the successes of the company, and individuals can decide if it is right for them.


Another important benefit of seeking the advice of Stanbury Research is their commitment to their clients. The company strives for long-term partnerships with their clients, without the get-rich-quick promises offered by some financial “experts”. The company is proud of their broad client base, with subscribers all over the globe.

The publication offered is backed by analytical research, with the most comprehensive statistics provided by professional financiers. With a range of subjects, the publication has a broad spectrum of information and should be considered an asset to many. Find out more about Stansbury Research by visiting their website today.

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The Patient-First Physician: Jeffrey Aronin

Jeffrey Aronin is passionate about improving the life of his patients. His knowledge of bioscience and medicine can be used to help people in new and innovative ways. He uses that, and his appetite for understanding a patient’s needs, to fuel his hunger to come up with treatments that will make his patient’s lives better. Besides starting his own business and being the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeffrey Aronin has been an integral part of the approval and development of thirteen different medicines, a feat not reached by many.


Jeffrey Aronin is also the recipient of the 2017 Weizmann Award. This award is given to those in the healthcare community who have dedicated their research to helping others have a better life.


Through creative expertise in biotechnology, Jeffrey Aronin has assisted other biotech companies in helping patients who have unmet needs. The first step in making patient’s lives better is to determine which diseases have insufficient treatment plans that need to be addressed. Next, they can focus on the cause of the disease and what steps have not been taken yet. Then, the team decides which type of science they can use to improve the treatment. Finally, Jeffrey Aronin and his team establish companies that are focused on conducting clinical studies that will eventually make way to the regulation and increased knowledge of the new treatment. By doing this, Jeffrey Aronin and his team make treatment more accessible for patients.


Besides this ground-breaking method of bringing new medicines to the market, Jeffrey Aronin is also the founder of MATTER, a Chicago-based company that has facilitated the start of more than 200 companies who will be the future innovators in healthcare.


The Aronin Family Foundation is another way that Jeffrey Aronin puts the patient-first. This foundation supports patient rights and research for rare diseases that sometimes go unnoticed.