Heads Up: 1TB PS4 May Be Coming Soon

As most PS4 users know, games on the popular platform tend to take up a considerable amount of space. PS4 games come on Blu-ray discs with 50gb capacities and downloadable content often adds another 5-10gb of game data from the start. While a user could easily crack open a PS4 and replace the hard drive themselves some users don’t want to risk damaging their expensive console and would rather just purchase a higher capacity console from the start. The unfortunate news is the PS4 currently only comes with a 500gb option, at least for now.

Recent FCC filings show a model CUH-1215B which is different from the currently on-sale CUH-1215A model. Further investigation shows that this model does indeed include a 1TB hard drive.

While this is currently just a prototype model the fact that it is in the process of FCC certification is a good sign. Sam Tabar knows that generally this is one of the last steps in releasing a product to the general public.

‘Destiny’ Community Reaches 20 Million

‘Destiny’ is one of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one consoles. Many people play ‘Destiny’ to find new weapons and armor. However, over the last several months, destiny hasn’t had any new content added to it. The gameplay and experience has quickly turned into an unbearable venture. For some reason though, gamers are still flocking to ‘Destiny,’ and it was recently reported that over 20 million people play the game.

Gaming websites once stated that ‘Destiny’ would quickly dwindle in terms of popularity. It appears that so-called experts have no idea what they’re talking about. On May 6, 2015, Bungie showed the world exclusive gameplay of the new ‘House of Wolves’ DLC. Millions of gamers were extremely impressed and excited when they saw some much-needed additions to the game.

The developers of ‘Destiny’ realize that gamers have been playing the same stages over and over for the last year. Bungie promises to deliver an extremely versatile and new experience when the ‘House of Wolves’ DLC is released. New weapons, armor, and stages will be coming soon.

Thanks for gaming with me¬†Jaime Garcia Dias. I know you’ve got a lot to do, being the businessman that you are, so thanks for giving me some time.

New Virtual Reality Headset is Making Big Promises to Gamers

Virtual reality has been a slow growing technology, but with recent advancements the long awaited experience is now going to be available for household use starting in 2016. A tweet released by Nate Mitchell, executive of Oculus Rift, confirmed the release of a virtual reality headset that will be available to consumers in the first quarter of 2016.

The recent failure of Google glass left consumers with a feeling of hopelessness in regards to worthwhile virtual reality technology. Now, Oculus Rift is promising fans “compelling content, a full ecosystem, and a fully-integrated hardware/software tech stack designed specifically for virtual reality.

Facebook acquired the rights to Oculus Rift last year, which is expected to be the first successful virtual reality device released on the open market. Unfortunately, gaming fans around the world have believed the big promises of developers of this advancing technology, but have been sorely disappointed.

Susan McGalla says one thing is for certain… fans are willing to give the new and promising headset a try despite previous failures of similar technology.