I No Longer Worry About Hackers With My FreedomPop Hotspot

I was sitting in a mostly empty restaurant one night, and I was using the Wi-Fi service that was available. I love to go into that restaurant, and I always order the same food, and then I would sit and play around on the Internet. The Internet in that restaurant was so fast that I would even stream a movie while I was sitting there. One night, a guy came in, and he went onto his laptop in the same restaurant. I noticed that not long after the guy sat down, my mouse started going crazy on my laptop.

Everytime I tried to move my mouse, it would go into files that I was not clicking on. I suddenly knew what was happening, and I believed that the guy was actually hacking my account through the Wi-Fi. Long story short, I alerted the manager of the restaurant, and the police were called, and the guy was arrested. The guy was really arrested because it was something he had done before, and in fact, he had been banned from that restaurant, but they didn’t remember his face because they had a new manager.

I wanted my own hotspot so I could have Internet wherever I went. I really live on the Internet, so a hotspot is necessary for me. The only place that I could find a hotspot I felt was affordable enough was through FreedomPop. FreedomPop has other services as well, but I really just wanted a secure Wi-Fi connection that I could take with me. Not only does FreedomPop have secure Wi-Fi connections, they also have some amazing services for cell phone and in-home Internet service too. For only $5 a month I can also access a FreedomPop hotspot at millions of locations.

I was surprised to find out that the company also offered free cell phone and Internet service at home, on top of the fact that the Wi-Fi hotspots were low in cost. I got my own hotspot, and I’m getting 4G speeds that are amazing. I thought the Wi-Fi in the restaurant was fast, but FreedomPop blows their Wi-Fi speed away.  FreedomPop has made the difference when it comes to using Wi-Fi safely, and I no longer have to worry about some strange hacker sitting in a restaurant trying to get my personal information.

Reference Link: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/21/freedompop-wifi/