Wen By Chaz Gets A Review From Bustle.com

Everyone who has thinning hair needs to try WEN by Chaz shampoo just once to see the difference it can make, and they will be amazed at the difference they will find in the shampoo. They need to try something that will help their hair grow, and they need to find something that is going to help them make their hair thicker. Thick hair is a really helpful thing for someone who is used to their hair shedding and falling out, and it is very important that all these same people read the review in Bustle about how Wen by Chaz works.
The Wen by Chaz shampoo is really useful because it will help people wash their hair with less product, and then they will be able to keep their hair in good condition. The hair is a lot shinier when it has been cleaned with Wen by Chaz, and the girl who wrote the article is actually beaming because she is happy with the way her hair looks. She took a picture on twitter to show that there is no hair in the bottom of the shower, and there is a picture of how she was able to clean up her hair in moments with a better shampoo.

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It is a guarantee that she will have thicker hair over the coming weeks and months, and the lack of shedding will make her more comfortable styling her hair. Everyone who wants to have a much better head of hair should try to use this shampoo because there is no way to make the hair strong without a better shampoo. Wen by Chaz is the right shampoo, and it needs to be used as often as possible because there is no other way for people to keep their hair from falling out or shedding. It is available on Total beauty.

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The Benefits of Wen by Chaz

As a high end designer conditioner, Wen by Chaz has received all sorts of attention from hair designers and stylists everywhere. However, as it is not available in stores on Sephora, it is difficult for many individuals to determine whether or not it is the right product for them before ordering it through the online subscription. That is exactly why a recent stylist publication had one of its star writers test out the product and write about what individuals should expect while using the WEN on wikipedia products and whether or not it is worth the financial investment.

For starters, Wen by Chaz is not just a single conditioner. While this is what receives the majority of attention, there are other products out there. When selecting items for the subscription service, individuals can choose from a damage restoration product to a misting offering. Each item is going to come and provide a quality service that is different form what consumers are going to find elsewhere on the market. However, with that being said, the large conditioner bottle is the main highlight and it is what people want to know whether or not it is the right product for them.

As the reviewer pointed out, the conditioner Wen by Chaz is very thick. While the product does offer some recommendations for how much to use, it really just comes down to the amount that is needed to coat the hair. After the hair is coated it needs to remain covered in the conditioner for at least five minutes. From there, rinsing everything out is a must. If it is not rinsed out completely it is going to leave a greasy scalp the next morning. So, for those individuals who are looking for a quality product, WEN by Chaz is it, they just need to make sure and rinse.

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Emily McClure And Her Experiment With Wen Products


Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen conditioning shampoo. Many individuals have heard of Wen because they may have seen the infomercials on TV. Dean developed a passion for hair after he started his career in photography. Dean took many courses in photography and that led him too want to go to cosmetology school.

Dean also began working with product design for different companies. He started to get interested in creating hair products when he saw the importance of a good hair product when it came to healthy hair. Soon Dean created his own studio and he was working with famous clients. Dean started to develop his cleansing conditioner as an amazing way to hydrate hair. Apart from the cleansing conditioner, Dean continuously works to develop new hairstyling products.

Emily McClure from the The Bustle did a seven-day experiment with Wen hair products from sephora. McClure has very fine hair and wanted to see what happen if she used this cleansing conditioner. When she started to use the product, she was immediately worried about the amount of WEN Hair product that she had to use on her hair. McClure followed through with the product protocol, and she noticed that her hair almost immediately felt thicker on the first day. Through out the next days, McClure found that her hair went from having volume to looking greasy and flat. Over all, McClure noticed that her hair looked healthy and shiny, but in the morning it would look frizzy and greasy.

Many of Mcclure’s family and friends gave her compliments about how healthy and shiny her hair was looking, so that not only gave her confidence, but it showed her that the product was really working. As McClure wrapped up her final day using the Wen product, she found that the WEN hair product was a nice product for individuals that have fine hair. McClure did consider it to be a love-hate relationship, and she does believes that she would recommend Wen hair products to other individuals with fine hair.