Hitman Goes Episodic

Keith Mann says that though not as attention grabbing as unknowns, though certainly not expected by the crowd, video game developer IO Interactive, whose claim to fame is the long series of Hitman games, revealed a new title at E3 during the Square Enix press conference.

The previous installment, Hitman: Absolution, followed veteran spy/assassin Agent 47, an ice-eyed, alabaster-skinned, body-hair-free, bio-engineered clone designed for the killing of enemies of various nations, militaries, intelligence bodies, corporations and wealthy clients. While that title explored 47’s divorcing from the International Contract Agency–a play on the American Central Intelligence Agency–and his eventual disappearance into obscurity, this new installment, simply titled Hitman, seems to show a younger 47, still in the employ of the ICA and in connection with Diana Burnwood, his agency case manager and sole friend whom he helped escape the ICA in Absolution. So with a reboot in the works, where is IO taking Agent 47 next?

As reported by Engadget, Hitman will be a departure of the traditional mission structure of previous games. Previously players would be given a target, mission specifications, and locked into a hub, a closed-off area where they would be allowed to execute their target as they see fit. It seems the “sandbox” approach will remain, but developers are claiming that this title will be an ever-expanding world. IO will achieve this by episodic installments with new targets, locations, challenges and other additions to the game over a period of time.

December 8, 2015, is IO’s target date for Hitman’s release.