The Birth And Growth Of Food Processing Industry Leader OSI Industries

When people hear the name OSI Industries, they think of the large, technologically advanced international food processing leader with over 20,000 employees and 65 processing plants in 17 countries. But none of that would be possible without Otto Kolschowsky. He’s the German immigrant who founded the company in Oak Park, Illinois in 1909 as a neighborhood meat market called Otto & Sons. Kolschowsky’s focus was on providing the families in his community with quality cuts of meats. Within a few years the company was providing meat wholesale to restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois.

The next major step in the growth of Otto & Sons was when they acquired a large facility in Maywood, Illinois which allowed them to better serve both their wholesale and retail customers. Landing the contract to provide Ray Kroc and his Des Plaines, Illinois based first McDonald’s franchise with ground beef patties created another spike in growth for Otto & Sons. By the late 1960s they needed the latest flash freezing technology to keep up with McDonald’s growing need for ground beef patties. Otto & Sons built a separate facility to produce products for McDonald’s in 1973.

A few years later, Otto & Sons reached out to the financial services company owned by accountant and banking industry Sheldon Lavin for the money they needed to expand. Impressed with the company’s potential, Lavin not only got them the funding and invested in the company’s stock, he remained closely involved with Otto & Sons. Lavin eventually acquired a majority of the company’s stock. In 1980 Sheldon Lavin became CEO. He changed the name of the company to OSI Industries and implemented his plan for global expansion. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Under Lavin’s visionary leadership, OSI Industries made major inroads into the Asian market, building 10 poultry facilities in China and food processing plants in India, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. In Europe, OSI Industries built facilities Spain, Germany, Hungary and Poland and acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. The company also built facilities throughout the United States and does joint partnerships with companies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and several other countries.  original source

Randal Nardone-Working Behind the Scenes

Randal Nardone is one silent builder. For a long time, Nardone has been the glue that has held the Fortress Investment Group all along, helping individuals like Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, Douglas Jacobs, Gordon Runte, Daniel Bass, and David Brooks take the company to the other level.It is in 1998 that Nardone helped his peers create the Fortress Investment Group, an institution that has fascinated the world since day one. Since 1998, Nardone has served as the Principal of Fortress. However, it is in 2013 that Randal Nardone assumed the role of CEO, a position that has since helped him make a mark in the company he helped establish.Presently, Nardone is also the Principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation, an organization with close ties to the Fortress Investment Group.

Randal is also the president and chairman of the Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC., the vice president and secretary of the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC., and the president of Ncs 1 LLC.To say the least, Nardone is a highly accomplished person. Randal gets celebrated as one of the men who helped create the Fortress Investment Fund IV, L.P. and the Fortress Investment Fund V, L.P., corporations’ where he serves as the COO, CEO, and Principal. Additionally, Randal works at the Fortress Credit Corporation, and the Fortress Registered Investment Trust.Prior to his arrival at Fortress, Randal Nardone worked for companies like the RIC Coinvestment Fund LP., the Newcastle Investment Corp., IMPAC Commercial Holdings, UBS, BlackRock Financial Management, Thacher Proffitt & Wood, the Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd., and the Eurocastle Investment Limited.

Mr. Nardone has also worked for the OneMain Holdings, the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, Mapeley Limited, New Media Investment Group Inc., GAGFAH S.A., Brookdale Senior Living Inc., doBank S.p.A., Aircastle Limited, and the SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.For sure, the alumnus of the Boston University School and the University of Connecticut has made his country proud all thanks to his outstanding working record.Today, Randal Nardone is one of the wealthiest men in the world. At the age of fifty-one, Nardone occupies a special space on the Forbes Billionaire list, with his being position five hundred and fifty-seven. In a nutshell, Randal has been nothing short of spectacular. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Nardone is a superhuman since he has been able to take countless roles in such a short span of time.

Stansberry Research: Leading The Investment Research World

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Importance of Commodities

In a recent article, Stansberry Research expressed how important and valuable commodities can be to an investor. Very knowledgeable about the resource sector, the company informs all of their customers to know economics basics, even if the customer is investing a minimal amount. They inform their customers of how the free markets work and the relationship of supply and demand. Commodity investments are a bit different than popular forms of investments, like stocks and bonds. Stansberry Research is on the forefront of educating and guiding their customers in commodity investments.

Commodities such as gold and oil come to mind when people think of investing in the resource sector. But what about coffee? Coffee has not been a favorite investment among investors. However, the market is changing and this commodity is catching the attention of investors. Traders are rushing to bet on this commodity ( Stansberry Research sees where an investment in coffee could lead to a return double the amount of investment in as little as ten months.

Another commodity that does not come to mind that often is marijuana. Regardless of opinion, marijuana’s growth in the resource sector continues to grow rapidly globally. Because of the commodity’s intense growth and legalization in some states, investors are seeing profitability. Because of the growing trend of legalization, more investors are trying to get into the marijuana investment business.

With a one of a kind philosophy, Stansberry Research delivers optimal financial investment analysis. The company has built a strong brand off of promising principles. Believing in a long term approach, openness and reliability and great customer service has brought this company recognition and respect among investors. With their no contract, no long term agreement, risk free subscription plan customers are able to experience this company’s service before committing to anything further, although most stick around for Stansberry Research incredible service.