Jeremy Goldstein & Employment Incentives

Jeremy Goldstein Background

Using the word renowned when describing the career of Jeremy Goldstein is perhaps an understatement considering how much he has accomplished in his career so far. Jeremy Goldstein, who has a vast knowledge of his craft stemming from a notable academic career, has supported his efforts on many different to numerous people. Jeremy has had successful stretches at distinguished universities such as the New York University School Of Law, the University of Chicago and also Cornell University. It goes without saying that Jeremy is well-respected and admired for his vast academic career. Having said that, it is no surprise to see how Jeremy has managed to be a leader in the field of law


Currently, Jeremy Goldstein is the proud head and leader of his company Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Having had numerous years of successful law endeavors with his company, Jeremy Goldstein has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most eminent individuals in the field of law. With that said, there are plenty of examples to choose from that show just how successful Jeremy Goldstein has been. So, to further understand Jeremy and his successful efforts in law, we will focus on a article by which discusses Jeremy and his compromise for Employment incentives.


Jeremy Goldstein Compromising Employment Incentives

In the article by, the article explains how the NYC lawyer has made it a priority to benefit employment across the nation. It goes on to explain how difficult it is to create a viable economic setting for businesses. Furthermore, it goes on to say hoe Jeremy has also had troubles addressing this situation. However, despite the fact that it has not been easy trying to compromise for employment incentives, it is made clear that Jeremy Goldstein’s compromise consists mainly between the recommended actions of anti- and pro-EPS proponents. In other words, Jeremy Goldstein is trying to find a way to hold leaders, managers, and executives of corporations liable for their actions in and of the company. Learn more:


The reason for Jeremy Goldstein’s involvement in this specific case is because he has seen it play out first hand. As an executive and leader of his own company, Jeremy Goldstein has seen has validated first hand what similar situations can do to a company. Jeremy is sure that it can lead to situations in which incentives for workers and other inverstors lose out tramendously. Either way, there is no denying that Jeremy will find a way to succeed considering he has done so in other parts of his career up to this point.