Talkspace And Depression

Some overweight people are depressed. Are they depressed because they are overweight or did the depression cause them to gain weight? Talkspace is a leading authority on treating mental health issues and took a hard look at why some people put on weight. Often, it is due to depression, making the individual feel unmotivated and unable to move their limbs to get adequate exercise. In addition, they let the negative voices in their head take over. Often, they are also alone and lack any type of professional or family support. This type of depression is a real mental health issue that is just as relevant as a bipolar disease issue.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental illness is a growing concern in this country and around the world. Statistics show that a large percentage of the population in this country has suffered with some type of mental health issue at least once during the year. Problems like depression to bipolar disease need addressing by a professional with experience addressing those mental health concerns. Most people avoid treatment because they simply cannot afford the treatment. Some just do not have the time to visit a traditional therapist in an office for counseling.


Talkspace is a text message based therapy application that has helped thousands of people with mental health issues. After joining the web based application, the user is asked a series of questions and matched up with a licensed, professional counselor. Traditional counseling sessions are generally very expensive and many insurance plans do not fully cover treatment. However, Talkspace provides very affordable plans for their users. Plans start at about $25 a week.

Many users report that it gives them a feeling of comfort and support to know that they have a trained professional therapist right in the palm of their hand or on their smartphone, ready to answer their call.