75th Anniversary Suprise: Bronze Statue Present to Pearl Harbor


As a 75th anniversary commemoration present, two notable organizations are teaming up to put up a statue, Lone Sailor Statue©, in Pearl Harbor. A bronze statue, which is seven feet tall, is being donated to Pearl Harbor to commemorate the Pearl Harbor bombings that took place on December 7th of 1941.

According to Kusi, the two contributing organizations are the United States Money Reserve, and the United States Navy Foundation.

These organizations, as well as the citizens of the United States, are very appreciative of what these Naval military personnel have accomplished. The purpose of the statue is the commemorate the men and women around the world who, in the sea services, put their lives on the line on a daily basis to fight for freedom. It is also meant to inspire sea service personnel from the past, present and future.

The creator of the statue is Stanley Bleifeld. He is the official sculptor of the United States Navy. The sailor statue he is creating is seven feet tall and weighs an estimated 1,700 pounds. In addition, steel from the USS Arizona will be used in the base of the statue.

The statue will be funded by sales from the United States Money Reserve. This organization is one of the biggest distributors of gold and are based in Austin, Texas. The organization is contributing $5 for every Pearl Harbor coin that is purchased.

The United States Navy Memorial Foundation is located between the White House and the Capital on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. The organization gives Navy personnel, past and present, a tribute to their services.