Brian Bonar Is A Successful Businessman, But Now He Also Is The Owner Of One Of San Diego’s Highest Quality Restaurants

Brian Bonar originates from Scotland, and his career originally was in business. He currently is an executive of Trucept Incorporated. Prior to working for Trucept, he was one of the executives at Dalrada Corporation.

Both of these companies have helped numerous corporations to succeed. In addition, Bonar is very well connected in the business world, and he has ties with numerous other companies. Ultimately, he decided to take his career in a different direction, the restaurant business.

Brian Bonar currently owns Bellamy’s in San Diego. His well known restaurant is in the Escondido section of the city. Bellamy’s has received very high ratings, and critics have spoken highly of the food served.

Brian Bonar has also selected excellent chefs, including Patrick Ponstay. He has had an extremely successful career as a chef, prior to working for Bellamy’s. He used to be a chef at Loews. Before that, he was a successful chef at Rancho Bernardo Inn, and he helped to train another very successful chef while he was there.

He hired also another quality chef for his restaurant, Mike Reidy. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar hired him after he saw his culinary talent at one of his favorite restaurants, El Biz. He also hired Trevor DaCosta, who is a skilled front of the house man.

About The Food At Bellamy’s:

Bellamy’s is among the best places to dine in San Diego! It is a French bistro restaurant, but there are menu items that you do not typically see at a bistro. One of their dishes is mille feuille. Their mille feuille has eel and pork fat in it. In addition to the meat, it also comes with delicious granny smith apples.

They serve more common dishes, such as corn soup, and it comes with top notch ingredients. If you are more of a salad fan, they have a great choice of salads, including a delicious beet salad. There are other great dishes at Bellamy’s, such as their mushroom ravoli and duck dishes. In addition, they serve great desserts. One of the best is the saffron panna-cotta.

Bellamy’s is not the only San Diego area restaurant that Brian Bonar has. He has also owns Bandy Canyon Ranch. This restaurant also is an event venue. The food there will also of excellent quality, as Patrick Ponstay is the marquee chef.

However, the kitchen hasn’t been designed yet, which means that Patrick Ponstay is exclusively at Bellamy’s. In the future, it is likely Bandy Canyon Ranch will be where he spends most of his time. Therefore, now is a better time than ever to go to Bellamy’s!