Brown Modelling Agency Finds Success For Clients

In 2015, the Heyman Talent-South was purchased by Wilhelmina Austin and been rebranded as The Brown Agency. The company is located in Austin, Texas. These two talent companies joining forces is sure to be a point of interest in the modeling world since these are the region’s largest and most successful companies. Due to this progressive change, The Brown Agency is now the only full-service agency in Austin.

While the agency’s headquarters are to be located in Austin, it will also feature offices in Dallas and have a presence in Los Angeles. The previous head of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown, has been named as the agency’s CEO and president. Founder of Herman Talent-South Michael B. Bonnee will lead the theatrical division of The Brown Agency thanks this expertise in the field.

Mr. Justine Brown believes that the combination of Heyman Talent-South with Wilhelmina Austin is key to their success and growth as a company. This merger will be the best option for both of the company’s talent and clients. As one team, The Brown Agency is now able to select the best clients, prepare them for works, and better market their success. Now that the companies are merged they are able to do these things on a much larger and more successful scale than ever before.

Justin Brown has been modeling and working at modeling agencies since he was in college so he is not new to the scene. He got a degree in business management and is using that to propel the success of The Brown Agency. He used to train models to act professionally and then place them in jobs or help them find success however he could. It is due to his experience modeling in Los Angeles and New York that Brown is able to help the talent at his company get access to bigger agencies on the coasts. Brown was drawn to the funky Austin scene and loves working there. He believes in hiring local talent and his main goal is to help these people find success in their lives.

The Brown Agency has exposure to some very large brands including Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal. They focus on fashion and print models and is a successful leader in the industry and market. They have high goals that have yet to be seen in the Austin area, but thanks to their innovative company plan they are on the road to success.