The Chainsmokers Are Taking EDM to New Creative Levels

By now you have probably heard of The Chainsmokers, and can even hum at least a few of their tunes from memory. Their melodies are the sort that can get stuck even in the heads of those that usually do not share a full appreciation for electronic dance music. Luckily, even the most stubborn to accept change are starting to come around, thanks to artists like those included on Forbes Magazine’s 2018 World’s Highest-Paid DJs list. The Chainsmokers have steadily climbed this chart over the past few years, reaching No.31 on the latest collection of most financially successful artists.

One of the most astonishing accomplishments for this duo from New York is their acquiring of their three year DJ residency in Las Vegas. There they play nightly while bringing in nearly a half a million dollars every time they grace the stage. If you’ve really listened, you’ve probably noticed that their attention to detail is what truly sets them apart from the rest, securing their place among some of the biggest names to enter the EDM game. Veterans like Carl Cox have been caught numerous times commenting on how they have served as an inspiration to even himself.

It may seem that The Chainsmokers owe a bit of their fame to their unique use of custom-designed synthesizer patches and perfectly timing their business attack. Although many EDM artists have fallen out of the adoration from the masses, the same cannot be true when it comes to this iconic duo. Whether it is the perfect BPM, unconventional time signatures, or just a stroke of excellent luck, The Chainsmokers have proven to the world that they have what it takes to continually shape the EDM underground long after the commercial exploitation of the sub culture’s origins by endless copycats.

When all is said and done, The Chainsmokers will still be adored by countless old school ravers and EDM newcomers for many decades to follow. Next time you hear their song on a television commercial, just imagine how much they are making off of that 30 second licensing of their music for an advertisement.

The Magic of Impersonation: Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson Expert

Consider this. A single song that is five minutes long on the radio has quite a bit which goes behind it. The lyrics themselves can take an hour or two to come up with. The musical progression can take minutes or years. Let’s assume it takes three hours to come up with a melody, and three hours to come up with lyrics. Once those are combined, then it will necessarily take several hours to compile those things into a cohesive unit. You’re looking at an entire day’s worth of work. Now that song needs to be learned so well it can be regularly performed without error. This is going to take a solid week of man-hours in practice. Now in addition to that song, imagine that there is dancing which is involved, and must be finely choreographed with an entire group of performers. Now you’re looking at another week’s work. Caveat: that’s all for the original authorship of the song. But then imagine the writer and dancer of that song has died, and there is still demand for his work. If you look like the performer, you may even be able to get a piece of that performance pie! Should be a snap, right?

Wrong. Performance art is difficult enough; but impersonation work requires not only being able to cogently perform the songs the performer could, but to perform those songs so well you actually fool an audience of fans. This means there can be no deviation from the script. In many ways, impersonation is much more difficult than actual creation. So it is duly impressive when one considers that celebrity lookalike Sergio Cortes doesn’t just have the same facial features of Michael Jackson without the plastic surgery, but also can sing in the exceptionally high pitches Michael sang in, and dance the same dances Michael danced. That takes profound dedication and discipline. Michael Jackson was no lazy performer! He gave it his all every time, and Sergio Cortes does as well.

Sergio Cortes is such an effective performer that many foreign audiences who don’t realize Michael Jackson passed on actually mistake Sergio for Michael himself.

Impersonation isn’t easy, or natural. Sergio Cortes does the absolutely impossible: he makes it seem both easy and natural. If you didn’t get to see MJ before he died, check out Sergio Cortes. Many say he’s so good, you forget you’re watching an impersonator.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Sergio Cortes – How does he look like Michael?

It’s not everyday you get to see a huge celebrity in the flesh and right in fromt of your eyes. Oftentimes, it’s only because most may struggle with the problem regarding not living near the celebrity. For others, it can mean never seeing a famous icon because they left the world too early. This impersonator is entirely one of have most iconic pop legends of all time. Mostly known for his amazing voice, creative dancing, and his charismatic performances, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities mimic the way this singer performs.

How does he look like Michael?

Not only is his charisma and do performance skills on point, the one thing that really separates him from the other performers just like him is that he looks strikingly just like Michael himself down to the most intricate of details. Others have explained concern as to how he looks just like Michael, and in a way where it doesn’t took fake or it was surgically achieved. No word has been spoken about any types of surgeries he has received, but one thing is clear, he looks just like Michael and other people don’t know how he did it.

Sergio Cortes naturally looks like Michael, but it’s the way he applies makeup on his face that really add that unique approach. The only scary part is that his nose and even the tiny features are almost exactly like Michael’s, and this is what has helped him look so authentic in the eyes of people. While his makeup does wonders, the natural way of how he looks is what sets him apart from the rest. He is constantly improving his makeup skills and how be looks at people to give that added effect that he is Michael Jackson.

The interesting thing about him is that his Mother was always a huge fan of Michael, and her love for the singer probably fell right into the laps of her son who took to Michael’s dance moves and singing voice fairly quickly. It was almost like he was destined to become Michael Jackson. He hopes to have a world tour up his sleeve very soon, and he knows that his knowledge and experience can take him very far in this world of music. He continues to tour and gain fans via YouTube, along with a huge following on Twitter, but only time will tell before he becomes this huge star.

Who Is Sergio Cortes? How Has He Become A Huge Viral Sensation?

Sergio Cortes has become quite a unique viral hit over the past few years. His performances in the past have become a YouTube hit simply because of how well this young guy is changing the world of MJ fans in the whole entire world. Sergio is just a regular young guy who is taking the world by storm by becoming the best MJ impersonator in the world today. His simplicity with how he approaches this role is what has helped him become such a real professional in the industry. He has become a huge viral hit for a single reason; he knows how to bring this legend to life on stage.

Sergio’s dancing, singing, and almost uncanny MJ facial features in combination with the stage, lights, and the special effects all bring together a lifelike Michael Jackson on stage like never before. After people have uploaded several videos of him on YouTube, he has become quite the successful viral hit. He has even built a huge following on Twitter, and he uses it as a place to share inspiration and information about his shows and performances. He continues to perform in any place he can to bring MJ to life. Whether it’s in Italy or in any place in South America, this guy is becoming a world star.

His following is now beginning to blossom in so many ways, as he hopes to one day have a world tour where he takes his team to a new stage and brings MJ’s most iconic music to more cities, states, and countries.

Sergio has a Mother who truly helped him discover his love for the legend of pop. She literally taught him and showed him how to become this amazing singer. He developed the skills and ability to literally mimic everything from the hand gestures to the way Michael sings, and it has become one unique gift of his to bring this amazing legend of pop to life in his own unique way on stage.

Impersonators are very talented people are practically give the gift as they mature.

They can either look like themselves or look like a completely famous person, and it’s put of them to decide if they want to become that person for money or not. The industry can be lucrative, especially for somebody like Sergio who is making a good amount of money posing for pictures, performing in shows, and also being flown to other places for shows as Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortés: His Imitation Is His Love Letter To His Hero Michael Jackson

In today’s society, it’s hard to dedicate yourself to something that you truly love. It’s even more difficult to be in an occupation where you receive the adoration of thousands of people. To receive both of these thing at the same time is a true miracle in itself.

Sergio Cortés has been blessed with the opportunity to not only do what he loves, but received worldwide recognition for it. For years, he is been known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. His story is unique and a testament to his tenacity in emulating his childhood hero. Cortés vividly remembers seeing Michael Jackson for the first time when Jackson was just five years old, and a member of the world-famous singing group, the Jackson Five.

Sergio remembers watching the showman dance and sing on stage with his brothers, and he was enthralled by the showmanship of the young Jackson. Soon after, he began to imitate him, much to the delight of his friends and family. He believed that if he could bring the people closest to him that much joy, he could also portray Michael Jackson and make even more people happy.

This set Cortés on a mission. He watched as many Michael Jackson videos as he could get his hands on, taking in all the different mannerisms of the King of Pop. But it was a chance encounter with a photographer that set Sergio on a course to worldwide fame and fortune.

A photographer caught sight of Sergio one day while he was walking through his town. The photographer was absolutely floored with the resemblance of Sergio to Michael Jackson, and asked him if he could take a photo for his local newspaper. Sergio agreed, the photo was taken, and the next day, a huge groundswell of interest began. People wanted to know who this person was who looked exactly like Michael Jackson.

Before long, Sergio was receiving all sorts of offers for work from various agents. He took up some of the offers to do Michael Jackson impersonator shows. And from there his career took off. Every year, he gains more fans, and does shows and concerts as a tribute to his hero all over the world.

Individuals still can’t take in the fact that the person standing in front of them is not Michael Jackson. Some are greatly moved by just being next to Cortés, and treat him like the rockstar that Michael Jackson actually was. He intends to continue on with his career, even though it has been tough at times to receive the same type of recognition as one of the greatest pop stars of our time.

With years of work under his belt, and a wide display of talent to show the rest of the world, Sergio Cortés has become well known and performs for millions of people all over the world. To become a world-famous celebrity and doing what he loves is the culmination of his ultimate dream.

Sergio Cortes: The Master Michael Jackson Impersonator

Elvis Presley is unquestionably the most impersonated man on the planet. However, the late King of Pop might run a close second to the King of Rock and Roll. Since his tragic and untimely death in 2009, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has increased dramatically. From this large group, one person has risen above the rest and is widely regarded as the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator of them all. Sergio Cortes is his name.

In 1971, Cortes was born in Spain. He currently lives in Barcelona and performs around that city on a regular basis. Over the course of his career impersonating one of the most famous musicians of all time, he has gained a large audience of loyal followers around the world, particularly in Brazil. His uncanny physical resemblance to Jackson, along with the incredible vocal similarity, have made him one of the most popular impersonators in the world. Cortes has been impersonating Jackson since he was in his teens. However, he held other odd jobs and never seriously thought about making a full-time living as a Michael Jackson impersonator until 2012. This was the year that Cortes was asked to host a tribute to Michael Jackson that was held in Madrid. It was not long before word of his amazing impersonation started to be discussed on social media. Television stations and entertainment publications sought interviews with him. It was at that point that Cortes realized he could probably make a very good living with his unique talent.

Of course, the real Michael Jackson’s talent went far beyond singing. He was also a renowned dancer. This meant that if Cortes was going to be believable as the King of Pop, he would need to be able to perfectly mimic Jackson’s dance moves as well. Cortes took dance lessons to hone his craft to perfection. He worked hard to memorize the choreography of some of Jackson’s most famous videos. All of his hard work has paid off. If you see Cortes perform, you will see an entertainer that truly loves his craft as much as the legendary performer he is paying tribute to.

Although younger audiences today will never get to see the real Michael Jackson perform, Sergio Cortes is clearly the next best thing. In fact, many people who were fortunate to see the real Jackson perform often remark how difficult it is to tell Cortes from the genuine article.