Qnet makes waves with its CSI

Qnet Ltd. is a Hong Kong based enterprise that markets its array of products through its base of worldwide independent associates. Qnet offers a variety of excellent products which include energy products, weight management wares, personal and home care, along with luxury goods and fashion accessories. The company runs on the direct selling and multi-level marketing business model and operates its businesses primarily overseas through its associates. Of course, one the question that always come up with direct selling companies is the obvious one, is this a legitimate business or is it a scam? Well, that’s actually much easier to answer than you might think and the answer is no Qnet is not a scam. In fact, it is entirely legitimate and a quick search on Google will confirm this. The reason that this question even comes up with companies that use the direct sales or multi-level marketing model is that there are are always people out there that are never happy and have an ax to grind. The point about this is that it’s easy to tell. If you like the company management, and you like the products, and you are trainable, you can make it work for you and feel happy about it. It’s that simple. Oh, and there’s one more thing. Companies that are illegitimate or run scams or are crooked never last long and that’s just the way that is. If they’re no good they don’t last if they’re good and provide value they last and Qnet has been in business for 19 years, since 1998. Enough said. You can also look at this site http://www.qnetindia.in/

Qnet is one of Asia’s direct selling e-commerce leaders and is involved in not only selling quality products but in also helping their community. One of the ways they do this is being involved in the CSR banner of providing clean and safe water storage for Government Primary Schools in partnership with the Lions Club of Hyperabad, Swarnapuri. This works is providing safe and clean drinking water to over 800 students who would otherwise not have any access to it. Qnet is doing this under the banner of a CSR or Corporate Sustainability Initiative. This initiative is designed to make sure that the schools that are chosen have well maintained, and sustainable clean water facilities that not only promote better student health but also student hygiene. Qnet, as a leader in the direct marketing industry, is also committed to continuing its work in providing clean water supplies to those that need them to promote not only its CSR program but to also better help their society and the environment with its CSR program.

The company is really driven by two important philosophies which are Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, and RYTHYM and InService, both of which encourage selfless service to the public. NGOs are almost always non-profit private organizations that encourage active involvement of its employees and representatives in on the ground public and humanitarian projects like the construction of the clean water facilities that the Lions Club of Hyperabad, Swarnapuri is involved in constructing with Qnet. The Company has taken its inspiration for this service from some of India’s great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.

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The Amazing Success of One Life to Live

Soap operas have been a great staple in daytime television for many years. The many great stories that keep these soap operas moving can captivate individuals and keep them wanting more. One of the great soap operas that tops the list is One Life to Live. From the great acting to the amazing storyline it is easy to see why this soap opera has been so popular for so long. One Life to Live is a great soap opera to invest your time into. One Life to live was a great addition to the world of soap operas that really raised the bar for soap opera writers. This soap opera really focused on the complex relationships and how they really play out over very short amounts of times. This dynamic approach to soap operas was a fresh approach to character building and plot building that usually isn’t done in this manner in the world of soap operas.

One of the great aspects of this soap opera is the amazing acting that goes into making this show such a success. Crystal Hunt is one of the leading roles in the show and it is easy to see why. Her amazing acting and stunning looks give her the ability to create an amazing draw to this show that has surely been a great selling point of this show for quite some time. Crystal started performing at a very early age according to her Facebook. From the crisp young age of 2 she started to compete in pageants. This gave Crystal a very early start to performing in front of individuals, a skill that she has continued to use her whole life.

Crystal has been acting in movies as well. She has found a great deal of success on the silver screen too, and remains a popular facet of the red carpet. She is a business woman as well who has found a great deal of success with her pet based venture. Her high end pet boutique is one of a kind. There are very few individuals who would have the vision to create this high end pet boutique, but Crystal was able to create that reality out of her vision.