Great Economists with Christian Broda

Economists are people associated with high expertise in the intricacies of economics. This involves proposing, creation and implementation of policies that serve in the private sector and public sector, the government. Economists interpret and predict market trends, which is majorly applied in the stock exchange market. They carry out research to determine and come up with solutions to economic problems in line with production and distribution of goods and services. They also study socioeconomic effects of new and upcoming public policies involving proposed legislations, taxes, services, regulations and red tapes. Of such people is ireport.CNN’s Christian Broda, a former professor at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, the current managing director of Duquesne Capital Management.

Christian Broda obtained his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute Technology and a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Universidad de San Andres. Mr. Broda worked as Chief International Economist I Barclays Bank and as Head of international research in Lehman Brothers; he is undoubtedly experienced in matters pertaining to economics attributed to his several job experiences. His talents lie in Hedge Fund management, alternative funds, portfolio management, fixed income, equity, capital markets and investments. He was also a member of the editorial board of the IMF Economic Review and the James Skemper Foundation Scholar (2006-2008). He is an active writer following his several annual and quarterly articles based on economics and numerous other publications.

Most economists work extra hard to come up with updated theories that play a great role in molding and developing the society and all the people involved. This leads to the conception of great ideas and innovations if carefully and professionally put into perspective. Economists also play an enormous role in shaping the future and fate of a country’s economy; the decisions they make can either build or destroy the economy for instance with the influence of fluctuating prices and dropping of currency strength. Fortunately to date great economists like Christian Broda, against heavy criticism have played part in success of the economic society as leaders and determinants to the economy, for instance, the maintenance of the dollar strength in the U.S. economy. Christian’s prediction on the strengthening of the dollar in 2009 surely came to pass as seen in the U.S. monetary and fiscal policy.

Economists are also obligated to carry out research in the international finance and trade and present it in models of prediction of the next market trends as influenced by changing people’s wants, currency strengths and changing technology. They then advise businesses, other organizations and mainly the government agencies on aspects of economic and social policies, for instance, taxation, interest rates and employment levels. They also study how exchange rates affect competition and production in the market and with this knowledge make policies and decision on how to ascertain positive economic projections.