Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards’ Critical Role

Since Telereal’s inception in 2001, Graham Edwards has steered the company as its CEO and helped steer significant progress in the property market (Relationshipscience). Based in the United Kingdom, Telereal Trillium is one of the largest property companies with a portfolio worth £6 billion. So what key role has Graham played in making Telereal a major success in the property market?

To carefully answer this question, then we must understand the deal that led to the formation of Telereal Trillium. In 2001, British Telecomholdings entered a 30 year partnership deal with Telereal Trillium that saw the acquisition of 6,700 properties. The flexibility instituted in the formation of deal that allowed vacation of British

Telecomholdings properties over time facilitated smoother adoption of changing operational policies. This then led to great value increase in Telereal Trillium market share in the UK property market, thanks to Graham’s ability to make suitable investment choices. Graham carried out this choice along with the Strategic Asset Management Team at Telereal.

Graham Edward’s role in spearheading Telereal Trillium over the years by successfully brokering major investment deals has seen to a more successful company. Another case where Edward’s leadership was greatly displayed is in January 2009 when he got into an agreement with Land Securities Group.

This deal saw to the acquisition of Trillium by Telereal and became Telereal Trillium as we know it today. It is through this successful deal that Telereal Trillium became a market leader in property investment. It also helped in the increased annual revenues of over £1 billion.

Graham’s involvement in Telereal Trillium has seen the achievement of great milestones in the property market and will continue in the foreseeable future. Through the leadership of Graham Edward Telereal, Telereal Trillium has also experienced major positive changes in its culture that emphasizes talent development in all of its staff.