Sam Boraie Company Executive And Leader In Charitable Giving

One of the most widely acclaimed development companies in New Jersey is Boraie Development, LLC focusing much of its efforts in the area of New Brunswick and has recently formulated a plan that will revitalize this city. Multi-use facilities attracting small businesses and new residents have already been developed. These include retail establishments, office spaces and city apartments.

Playing an integral part in this has been Sam Boraie who is the son of the company founder, Omar Boraie, and they plan to revitalize Atlantic City which is recovering from the downturn in the US economy.

Sam grew up in and around the business which his father and served as its CEO. He has been part of the family business for a number of years, focusing his efforts at locating new targets for development. Today, he serves as one of Boraie development’s Vice Presidents along with a brother and sister.

In addition to devoting much time to his business duties, Sam Boraie is also dedicated to various charitable causes which he supports. He is on the Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey working in cooperation with other local businessmen. This theatre is a local cultural treasure and produces various productions in New Brunswick and the rest of New Jersey every year, relying a great deal on charitable contributions from the Boraie Development Company, the Boraie family, Sam and others.

According to WSJ, Sam Boraie is a member of the Board of Directors for Elijah’s Promise and is just one charitable organization in which he is involved. This organization is doing what it can to break the cycle of poverty that is evident in communities throughout New Jersey. Top goals of the company are to end hunger, provide healthy and safe foods to hungry people, empower people to get and keep jobs that satisfy their needs and encourage social benefits by creating businesses. Sam is deeply involved with planning future objectives for this organization.

Sam is a company executive who takes seriously his obligation to help the community in which he lives and surrounding communities to live up to their potential.

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