Dr. Jennifer Walden Changing The Face Of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon currently based in Austin, TX. She received her BA in biology from the University of TX at Austin, her MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she also completed her residency and completed her aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She worked for 7 and half years as a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Manhattan and recently decided to relocate closer to home in Austin, TX for her kids.

Dr. Walden is woman in a mans world. Surgeons in general tend to be male due to the extensive schooling required and among plastic surgeons the number of women is even smaller and the number of cosmetic plastic surgeons is smaller still. Of the 8,100 board certified plastic surgeons in USA only 180 of those are female cosmetic plastic surgeons. Although she may be in the minority Dr. Walden sees being a female in this line of work a benefit. 91% of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are conducted on women and she finds that woman generally feel more comfortable discussing their bodies and the changes they would like to make to their bodies with another woman. She believes that most women seeking cosmetic plastic surgery aren’t looking to look like the male fantasy, but are simply trying to feel more confidant about a part of their body that may have changed due to pregnancy, age or other circumstances. Dr. Walden does face lifts, breast augmentation procedure, nose jobs and eyelid lifts as well as some less invasive procedures like Botox and fillers. She is helping woman in the Austin area feel empowered by helping them feel confidant in their own bodies. She believes strongly that she is helping woman and not just indulging an exercise in vanity.

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