Health Trends Affecting Dog Food Choices

Healthy is bringing a surge of sales for dog food manufacturers. Whole grains, fresh vegetables and even a fruit or two are making their way into new formulas that are meant to promote better health for your dog. This surge in sales is also attributed to healthier habits by pet owners. They want their dog to feel as good as they do.

Farm fresh produce is being freeze dried at their peak of taste to ensure the best foods for dogs at all stages of life. Bringing food home straight from the farm is no longer something that only people can benefit from.

Pet food owners are also seeing that feeding their dog can be optimized by formulating a product to meet their dog’s specific needs. Purina dog food, which also generates the Beneful brand have developed a website that pet owners can use to do just that.

Beneful helps pet owners in developing a product that is unique to the needs of their dogs. Choosing activity levels and nutritional needs help to make the best food possible for your dog. Beneful also offers a number of premixed formulas that make good nutrition and healthy choices easy.

What is for sure is that Beneful dog food makers need to enhance their offerings in order to compete with the premium specialty dog food makers. Fresher is better, and innovative is best. While the run of the mill dog food stays the same, the premium makers are bringing people food tastes to the table for dogs.

Such tastes as lamb, chicken, duck jerky, and beef burgers are all being brought to your pet’s dish. These are coming to the stores with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no destructive chemicals added. This means that your dog gets the freshest options and the tastes that they crave.

As the premium dog food companies continue to offer fresher, tastier foods for dogs the other companies will have to step up their products and offer what will garner sales.