The Sky Is The Limit With Securus Technologies

There are many reasons why Securus Technologies leads the industry when it comes to the public’s safety. They are the best at what they do. All around the world, they are known for their achievements in the safety field even though their clients are in the US. In fact, their largest client is the US government. They deal with their correction facilities, and in the course of a year, they handle at least one million incarcerated people and with great success.


Over the years, Securus Technologies has received quite a bit of comments and remarks from their clients. These are positive in nature. The company wanted the public to be able to see them, and they published them in an article. This way, all people can see how important their work is.


In another way to show the public what they do, the company had them come to their business in TX. When they were there, they were given a tour, a presentation and a question and answer session. It was a huge success, and everyone benefited from it.


This company stops at nothing to invent new and interesting ways to help solve the public’s safety issues. On a weekly basis, they come out with new technologies. They are always a step ahead of their competitors, and they are willing and able to go up and beyond the call of duty. The future looks very positive for this company, and they will continue to have the lead in a very competitive field.


Securus Technologies, Committed To Building A Great Reputation.

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice solutions in technology. Global Tel Links (GTL) has in the past been issuing inaccurate, misleading and incorrect statements in press releases. The company which serves correctional, public safety and law enforcement agencies has in return issued press releases to correct the competitor’s claims.


GTL in one allegation claimed that they were seeking damages and injunctions against Securus regarding patent number 7,256,816. The right position is the patent herewith has not been validated and thus GTL cannot seek injunctions or damages. GTL also claims that Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has preserved the claims of the patent and protecting video visitations monitoring. Securus, however, believe that GTL is only asserting one claim out of the 55.


There is also an inaccurate statement where GTL contends that all innovations are patentable as determined by PTBA. The correct position is that they were only allowed to protect their innovations in court, but PTBA determine the innovations as patentable. GTL plans to go to court and show the jury how Securus is infringing on its patents. The jury, however, is not about to listen to any evidence any time soon.


The claims that Securus should cease using GTL’s patented technologies in video visitation platforms are inaccurate as the technologies are not in use. This means that there is no infringement has taken place hence no need to seek damages and injunctions. GTL has also claimed that Securus has a tradition of settling disputes with competitors on terms that are only favorable to them. The correct statement is that Securus has always reached intelligent agreements and arrangements that are beneficial to all parties, and also entered into reasonable licenses.


The chief executive officer of Securus Richard Smith commented that they would continue to defend the company from any attacks from GTL. He also questioned the approach that the competitor has taken in litigation as it will take years and cost millions.


A New Dawn In Video Visitation Technology Brought By Securus Technologies

When video visitation technology was launched, many people praised Securus Technologies engineering team for such a great tool. This video visitation technology was compatible with computers and laptop. This meant a lot to their customers at that time; there no longer going to be long travels to the prison to see their family and friend during official visitation days. The customers could just go to their computer and video visit their incarcerated friend or family, thus saving money and time. This technology also meant that you could easily see your family or friend locked away anytime you wanted, all you had to do was to book a video visitation space. For a long time, people have been using inmate phone calls, and the voice only connection was never enough. Video visitation seemed to have sealed the deal. Many people went ahead to acquire computers and laptops to use this service. With time people got used to the computer video visitation and appreciated it though it had limitations they demanded that Securus Technologies do more on the limitations of the service. A call which the company honored.

Then technology improved and smartphones were introduced to the market. The smartphone was a big hit the American consumer market and everyone went ahead to acquire one of them. The smartphone had many advantages on it as you could carry it around with you. On top of this it had video calling capabilities, and just like the computer anyone could utilize this platform to make a video calling application. Securus Technologies took some time to perfect their inmate communication products and finally they have delivered – A new mobile video visitation application. To make it more accessible, they have made it in two versions; an Android application for Android operating system phones and an Apple application for smartphones like iPhones which utilize the Apple operating system. The Android application can be downloaded from Google play store while the Apple application can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Securus Technologies have been coming up with new innovations every time and better forms of their previous more than 800 security products. The innovative predecessor of the video visitation mobile phone application is the patented THREAD 3.1 software. This software is an operating system that has been upgraded from the previous version. This software is mainly used for large-scale security solution like correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This software offers a platform for different security tools like CCTVs, motion sensors, voice recorders and video recorders to be integrated into. This new upgrade is more complex and offers a wide variety of user options and tools.

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